see the contract note - Proof for the profits booked yesterday [ Today we booked 12,000 in Exide - YIPEEE ]

Published: Wed, 06/04/14

Dear ,

Yesterday many investors who are still skeptical to JOIN our TEAM asked for the CONTRACT NOTES - PROOF of our Trade in COAL India, hence we are forwarding you the copy of the contract note - Click here - Also see attachment in this email.

** If the Image doesn't loads - click here - click on the image to enlarge

>>>>>>> IMP : TODAY we BOOKED Exide Industries from 145 to 148 - 4000 QTY or 2 lots - 12,000+ PROFITS..will send a new updated today evening. YIPEEEE !!
All discounts offer for you is expiring on 8th JUNE - any query call us now 09239 176 426 <<<<<<<<

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Forwarding Yesterday's mail - incase you missed - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Dear ,

TODAY 3rd JUNE 2014, we are MORE THAN HAPPY the reason is in the FIRST CALL for this MONTH we have booked an amazing 10,000+ PROFITS and as usual our INBOX is filled with APPRECIATION MAILS from our Team of Traders :-) I am sharing with you the SNAPSHOT of some of the email which we got today. What made me MOST HAPPY is that One our of PAID SUBSCRIBER Mr.DEEPAK JI from DELHI has booked more at 1,10,000 ( One lac ten thousand ) profits in this trade as he did with multiple lots.

TRADE was : 2 lots or 2,000 COAL INDIA FUTURES from 383.50 to 389 - 10,000+ PROFITS - See below the Snapshot of the Emails :-)

**If the Image doesn't loads click here to see - Mr.Satpal Singh from Chandigarh sends a mail.
**If the Image doesn't loads click here to see - Mr.Mitesh ji damn happy with 10,000 gains in his first call for this month - Just 2-3 such trades and you earn 30,000 - 50,000 per month.
**If the Image doesn't loads click here to see - Mr.Venkat a NRI Member just joined last week, Excited with profits from his first call, many more to come.
**If the Image doesn't loads click here to see - Mr.Atul Ji booked 6,000 trading with only 1 lot and he is too happy as it was his second call and he booked consecutive profits.
**If the Image doesn't loads click here to see - Mr.Deepak Ahuja from Delhi, a HNI TRADER traded with multiple lots due to his trust and belief in our calls and managed to book 1,14,000 profits, email from this gentleman just made my day.
**If the Image doesn't loads click here to see - Ajay Ji on Gmail chat sharing his appreciation msg with us.

JOIN US BEFORE 8th JUNE to AVAIL ALL the DISCOUNTs !! "Money is power, freedom, a cushion, the root of all evil, the sum of blessings." 

** IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT - Our charges for 1 year Membership has been increased to 19,000 for 12 months and Lifetime Membership to Rs 30,000 (one time payment). If you wish to enroll at old charges which were Rs 16,000 for 12 months and Rs 27,500 for lifetime you can deposit the same till 8th JUNE 2014.

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