do you know Two Best Ways to be Unhappy in Life ? [ Reply is a Must if U Agree ]

Published: Sun, 08/31/14

Hey ,

Hope you are having an amazing Sunday, today I took my son to the play ground and he insisted on sitting on the merry go-around and believe me my buddy it was just awesome to see him enjoying himself, singing his nursery rhymes and going round and round. Believe me life is BEAUTIFUL and LIFE IS EASY :-) WE LIVE our LIFE not AS it is, We LIVE our LIFE as WE ARE....this email is being read by almost 8,000+ subscribers and daily we get all sort of mails and queries some people are skeptical about us, some think we are fake, some think all the contract notes and videos of traders which we show are all fake and fabricated...but personally I love each one of you and I don't expect to Impress or Satisfy all my subscribers BCOZ the best way to be UNHAPPY is if you want to make everybody Happy or if u expect all to be HAPPY with you coz some people are unhappy with themselves and not matter HOW Much you may try they shall Never be HAPPY :-) [ Moreover Im a trader myself and I make some serious money with own trades so I need not impress anybody :-) ha ha ]

SEE this VIDEO by Mahatria - - Two ways to be unhappy in life :-) Just Watch this and Let me know if u Agree with this

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IMPORTANT STUFF :: All Traders think that in STOCK MARKET the main thing is to EARN PROFIT !! BUT Believe me the MOST IMPORTANT thing is HOW TO MANAGE LOSS :-) Bcoz 8 out 10 trades you enter will show some losses but if u know how to Manage your LOSSES, How to CONVERT a LOSS making trade into a PROFITABLE ONE you will always SURVIVE and MAKE MONEY :-)

Its like SWIMMING - FIRST thing you have to LEARN is HOW to FLOAT - PADDLE - CONTROL/ HOLD your BREATH so that you DON'T SINK and then you LEARN how to SWIM BACK and FRO :-) SIMILARLY in TRADES you need to LEARN how to SURVIVE, MANAGE your CAPITAL and then how to make consistent profits :-)

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