I am Damn Happy !

Published: Fri, 01/29/16

today 29th JAN 2016 I am Damn Happpppy !!

My son just got admitted to one the Best Day School in India -St. Xavier's Collegiate School ! I just got this E-Mail which I have shared on my Facebook Profile [ Click here ] If you are already a Parent you know how this feels :-) Im now Pround Father of a Xaverian !

Secondly we have got an Overwhelming Response to you ART & SCIENCE of Trading Course which starts tomorrow - [ Click here to know more ] ** Once you visit my FB Profile you shall also realize that as of now im in Chennai....I have a Surprise for you soon ^^

I also Appreciate the fact that you read my daily emails hence here are few GIFTS from our SIDE ( Self Investment is Best Investment )

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