Happy Sunday & Thank You

Published: Sat, 02/06/16

Happy Sunday ,

I want to say a BIG THANK YOU ( also on behalf of Mr.Abhijit Paul ) to all members who registered for our ART & SCIENCE of TRADING Course !

As always its a HOUSE FULL - we had 30 Available Seats full infact we also had to make adjustments for 3 more :-)

As you know we are basically a Investing and Trading firm Managing Funds of our own Company and also of HNI / Corporate Clients.

The whole Idea of SOKHI TEAM was to GUIDE and EMPOWER the Retail Traders / Investors who usually end up loosing Capital either by their own mistakes or many times due to fraudulent tipsters.

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For me this is SOMETHING MONEY CAN'T BUY :-)

TODAY I want to Share with you the email of our SOKHI TEAM MEMBERS who went for a LIFETIME ASSOCIATION with us :

We have received this emails just few days back and such mail affirms that I am on the RIGHT TRACK to guide to Retail Trader / Investor

** Click here to Enlarge. [ Dear Chanpreet Singji...Good Afternoon..Deposited Rs XXXXX/- ( ThiXXXhousand ) Through NEFT From AXIS bank,Sion Mumbai Branch,To ICICI Bank.Saving Account no.--016301565217.For Life Time Member .My Email Account for that is ( baio1969@yahoo.in ) Pl .do the needful & Guide the same ]

** Click here to Enlarge. [ Dear Sokhi team , I am a subscriber for your 6 months Sokhi Team since Aug.27th . I would like to convert that into a Lifetime Association .Please advise the balance to be paid after considering the unexpired portion of my existing subscription. Also please explain what would be the additional benefits if any on converting into a lifetime association. Keep up the good job..Regards..P.S.Menon ]

** Click here to Enlarge. [ Sir,Just few days back I have taken your quarterly subscription by paying rs.9000/-. Sir, can I please upgrade this for lifetime by paying balance rs.24000/- because earlier I have made huge losses in this market.So, I request you Sir to please do me the needful.Thanking you, C. Vishnu Vardhan 94XXX69 ]

** Click here to Enlarge. [ Hi Bro, I Have done the payment for Life Time Association with our team.Please find the below attached screen shot for payment reference...Looking forward for your valuable service and happy trading ]

Remember : We are not a Tips Provider, We are not Gamblers, We are not Operators, We are not Magicians, We are Real Traders with Experience and ofcourse being in this industry from last 10 yrs we do have reliable sources and network :-)

We are on a Mission to Guide all our followers with the Right Way of Approaching Indian Stock Markets [ see this Video - [ https://youtu.be/GKwH0FY7vh8 ]

** Click here to PLAY ** Over 8,500+ Views

I was in Chennai for a VALUE INVESTING BOOTCAMP ! I have recorded an amazing video especially for you :-) Here it is ==>> https://youtu.be/k8UImweTih8

** Click here to PLAY **

I urge you to see all the Videos in my Youtube Channel here - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC8Zczdi-oyFb1wgJQ4e9qjw/videos

I also INVITE YOU to join our SOKHI TEAM from this Series to trade under our Guidance..

You can now make your payment Online through Credit Cards / Debit Cards / Online Banking to be a Part of SOKHI TEAM :

Payment for 3 months Subscription of SOKHI TEAM ( Click Here - Rs 9,450 - ** Rs 450 extra as processing charges )
Payment for 6 months Subscription of SOKHI TEAM ( Click Here - Rs 12,600 - ** Rs 600 extra as processing charges )
Payment for 12 months Subscription of SOKHI TEAM ( Click Here - Rs 19,850 - ** Rs 850 extra as processing charges )
Payment for LIFETIME ASSOCIATION with SOKHI TEAM ( Click Here - Rs 33,950 - ** Rs 950 extra as processing charges )

Payment for Sokhi Investors Pack for 12 months - Hidden Gem Stock ( Click here Rs 12,150 - ** Rs 150 extra as processing charge )

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