Published: Thu, 08/04/16


You must have heard of Hat-trick in Cricket, Foot-Ball etc.

But we have done Hat-Trick in Stock Markets :-) For the 3rd time we booked Profits in ADANI PORTS FUTURES

Bought yesterday at 226 levels and booked today at 229-230 levels - Massive 9,000 - 10,000 Per lot !

Just see the Contract Notes here

SOKH TEAM Members are Feeling on TOP of the WORLD :-)

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Note : We are not MAGICIANS but we have unique trading technique ''PCSC'' to know more click here

Kindly do note we are not a Tips giving firm or an Advisory Firm we have our own Proprietary Trading Desk and Portfolio Management Desk ( Sebi Regn. INA3000050 ), we are happy to guide retail traders / investors provided you meet our Capital Requirements :-)

If you have any queries do call us at +919239176426

2nd August : Adani Port Futures from 228 to 231 - 2 lots - Profits 15,000+ [ Verify the Contract Note here ] [ Part 3 of Adani Ports ]

28th July : Adani Ports Futures from 225 to 230 - 2 lots - Profits 25,000+ [ Verify the Contract Notes here ]  Part 1 of Adani Ports ] [ Part 2 of Adani Ports ]