Happy Sunday :-)

Published: Sun, 06/04/17

I wish you an Amazing SUNDAY

On 1st June 2017 we released our HIDDEN GEM STOCK !

A company which will have PBT ( Profit Before Tax ) of approx 480-500 cr over next 2 years for a market capitalization of just 300cr.

This company gives a 'margin of safety' because it's market capitalization is 1300cr approx and the net cash on their balance sheet is close to 1000cr.

In simple words, stock price is 93 rs and the company Cash on its books worth 70 rs/share.

To know more this company you need to visit this link - https://soundcloud.com/sokhitips/multibagger-stock-for-2017-huge-potential-hidden-gem-wealth-creation-in-indian-stock-markets

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