I don't blame them :-)

Published: Mon, 04/24/17

I don't blame the investors and traders who are skeptical about SOKHI TEAM !

Markets are full of loosers and many of them who have turned into advisors :-)

the sad part here is many innocent traders and investors fall into their trap.

Infact Greed and Lack of knowledge plays a wonderful role here...

Now my latest Video in which I have explained as to how why you should combine Investing with Trading

has got amazing response this Video has more than 1,000+ views in few hrs.

[ https://youtu.be/a5TML1MvAWc ]

As usual their were some Negative Comments from 1 or 2 gentlemen and one of them asked whether I am registered with SEBI

You should read this now - Click here

I urge you to see the Video [ https://youtu.be/a5TML1MvAWc ] and read Mr. Amit Kulkarni's reply !

I am blessed to have such souls in my SOKHI TEAM FAMILY :-)