I hate doing this :-(

Published: Tue, 06/13/17

I hate doing this but I want you to realize the power of Investing & Compound Growth in Stock Markets.

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So know you shall realize and agree that I know something about Investing in Stock Markets.

Have you ever asked our self what why big investors like Rakesh Jhunjhunwala, Ramesh Damani, Vijay Kedia..do not do intraday trading and prefer long-term investments ?

Il try to answer this in a simple way - Let's assume that you own a second house that you bought only for investment purpose.

Now you give the house on rent and earn a handsome rental income from it,

you also know that after 5–10 years, the valuation of that house would go up by atleast 4 times.

Now the question is, would you sell that house that you own just because the market value of your house keeps on going up and down every day ?

This is the biggest difference an investor looks at a stock as a part ownership of business while a trader looks at a stock as a piece of paper whose value changes every day.

One can make money and can lose money doing trading, but to build a long lasting wealth, one needs to invest with patience and proper temperament.

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The another great thing about this company is that they have a oil & gas asset in partnership with Adani where their stake is valued at 500cr.

I am assigning zero valuation to this asset...thiis is a Mega Bonus for us as it is we are getting a company which will have PBT (Profit Before Tax) of approx 480-500cr over next 2 years for a market capitalization of just 300cr..Vowwww !

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