it is too risky..

Published: Wed, 06/14/17

In my 12+ experience in Stock Markets , I have seen many of my relatives / friends and family members shying away saying it is too risky to invest in stocks.

I have also seen even my close relatives borrow money and invest everything they had in stocks resulting in family being wiped out financially...

I have even seen one of my close relative sell his house :-(

I have always believed in an old saying " KNOWLEDGE REMOVES FEAR "

So before you Invest anything in Stock Markets you need to have a good understanding of how stock market works.

In Feb 2017 we recommended Primal Enterprise at 1800-1850 levels its now at 3000 levels

Click here to see the Video [ ]

I have explained in this Video as to WHY we recommended this STOCK...try to understand the logic here

We had also recommended IIFL HOLDING in Feb 2017 at 330-340 levels its now at 620 levels

Click here to see the Video [ ]

This Video has more than 23,000 views and we daily receive call from investors who have benefited from our research..

I always believe that successful investing actually happens with elements like Logic, Research, Process and Discipline.

Mostly people who loose money in Stock Markets depend on things like Luck, Inside Tips and Intuition.

I hope the above 2 Videos will help you immensely before you put your hard earned money into the markets.

One our Hidden Gems which we recommended at 38 levels today closed at 51 levels.

We are already in 30% gains but I need you to see the charts here >>

This looks like a classical Cup & Handle Breakout, which may take the stock price past 60 soon....

Now here is the logic " the company is expected to get debt write off as part of bifr terms with Kotak bank. Plus co may go for demerger of chemical and storage divisions which will fetch significant valuation in the future. Co just completed a 25% capacity expansion " I have explained the full rationale here [ ]

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