Volume Breakout :-)

Published: Mon, 06/05/17

Hi there , wish you an Amazing Profitable Week ahead :-)

If you remember on 23rd May 2017 we had released a HIDDEN GEM STOCK from Real Estate Sector..

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Below you can see the Charts of this Stock - we had entered at 110-112 levels and as I write this email is CMP is 134

Amazing 20% returns so far, we are not in a Hurry to Book this as the TGT here is 250 ++ [ Recall here again ]

The above chart is an Perfect Example of Volume Breakout !

As you see the the Stock faced Multiple resistance at 119-122 levels atleast 5-6 times [ light-yellow High-Lighted Area ]

Today i.e 5th June 2017 you can see here that it crossed this resistance with HUGE VOLUMES [ White-High Lighted Area ] !

And as it crossed 122 levels it ZOOOMED to 135 levels now - this my dear friend is called a VOLUME BREAKOUT :-)

Our Hidden Gem is now at a 52 WEEK HIGHHH !!

When ever a Stock Breaks its previous resistance or support and average volume is far greater than previous days it normally sees a substantial movement.

Congrats !  You have now learned what Volume Breakout is

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