Its give me more than satisfaction

Published: Sun, 06/25/17

Its give me more than satisfaction to see traders benefiting from our ' PCSC' Trading Style !

PCSC Stands for Patience, Capital Management, Strategies & Conviction these golden rules of trading have worked wonders for us :-)

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** Click here to Enlarge. [ Dear Chanpreet, I wish to send this email since a long time, I started doing Indian stock trading again after a gap of 5 years or so and again started losing money, I came across your great videos/tutorials/recommended books by you and then decided to join the team for 6 months only in March and since then I haven't done one single loss making trade as well as hidden gems are giving good returns..I am feeling so blessed to come across you and your service..Thanks a lot and keep up the good work my friend, I am based in California and would definitely try to meet you once I am in India..I will be upgrading my membership to life time this month itself..Thanks.Regards, Pradeep ]

** Click here to Enlarge. [ Respected sir, I had nothing more to say about you except this: ADVISE FROM SOKHI TEAM MEANS=100 % PROFIT IN SHARE MARKET. My salute to you sir for your achivements in share market...Thanks.]

** Click here to Enlarge. [ Hello sir, Good morning n have a nice day sir.. I think u r still in Bali.. hope u have a great day there sir.. WISH U A HAPPY GURU PURNIMA SIR..U have changed my life n the way of trading...I m very thankful to u sir.. I m lucky to have a mentor like u..Hope to meet u soon sir. Thank you ]

*** Click here to Enlarge. [ Sir , 10 x video was really awesome. .. you just opened my eyes. .. yes now I know exactly what I want from the market. .. XXXX going to be my last trade.. from now I am going to invest only on multi bagger stocks...ultimately what I want is 10 × returns with the peace of mind. . I am going to sip every month on your recommend multi bagger stocks..and please suggest some mutual to invest... For 5 years term. .]

*** Click here to Enlarge. [ So inspirational video for me to Reinvest Monthly into the share market and make good compound interest from the discipline saving..... Thanks for such this Video..]

** To know about our Unique Style of Trading ''PCSC'' see these 2 Videos [ ] and [ ]

Remember "The key to trading success is emotional discipline. If intelligence were the key, there would be a lot more people making money trading "

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** We are not  Magicians who will make your Rich Overnight / We never Promise or Guarantee any Unreasonable returns in stock market, we are just a team of hardworking individuals who are sincere , committed and authentic in our research and approach to trading and investing in Indian Stock Markets. [ Click to read the Disclaimer ]

** Note we are in process of Re-Branding ourselves as we are growing and our team will now be called as ''COOLBRAINS" and we have changed our services charges, lifetime membership has now been discontinued ! For further details feel free to call us at +919239176426

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