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Published: Mon, 06/26/17

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Hope you got my yesterday's email in which I showed how you Traders have benefited from our ' PCSC ' Trading Style..

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Now incase you do not want to join our '' COOLBRAINS Trading Team '' today I shall be sharing a simple way in which you can take your own Trading Decisions.

See This Video and Start Trading yourself from Today.

After watching this Video you will know when to BUY a STOCK in Cash or in FUTURES or in OPTIONS.

Remember you shall be more successful in Trading if you keep the thing simple.

DON'T miss this VIDEO - its the most simplest and best way to plan your trades :-)

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1.BUY the Stock in CASH/FUTURES/Options - When 20 DMA crosses over the 50 DMA and the 50 DMA is Moving Upwards. [ 50 DMA should not be FLAT or DOWNWARDS ]

2. When the GOLDEN CROSSOVER Occurs - Don't Jump to BUY wait for Retracement - See where it takes SUPPORT at 20 DMA or 50 DMA - Confirm with Stochastic, which should be below 40 and also in BUY MODE, also you BUY the STOCK if the DAILY chart has a BULLISH CANDLE formation.

3. Free Websites to see the CHARTS -,,

4. DOWNLOAD this EBOOK of TECHNICAL ANALYSIS [Click here] in PDF FORMAT and go through each module, it shall help you to learn all about Bearish and Bullish Pattern which will also help you in this Strategy.

5. You can use this SAME STRATEGY absolutely
VICE VERSA to SELL a STOCK in CASH / FUTURES or OPTIONS - 20 DMA Crosses below the 50 DMA and the 50 DMA is Going Downwards.

LET me know you views about this STRATEGY ?

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