I hope you aren't one of them

Published: Thu, 12/14/17

As an Investor you have the liberty to relax and stay calm even when markets are DOWN or VOLATILE !

Last few days have been difficult for traders, most of them have lost HUGE MONEY :-(

I hope you aren't one of them !

Even when our markets are struggling in last few days we booked COOL 55% return in our Hidden Gem - PITTI LAMINATIONS !

From 58-60 levels to 95-96 levels in few months, see the details here >>

KUDOS !!  to our wonderful research team in Mumbai for spotting this Hidden Gem at Attractive Valuations, when no one was looking at this !

Here is why we are bullish on PITTI LAMINATIONS " Past is not going to show the picture. It's all about the future. Revenue is expected to grow 33% in FY 18. EBITDA Margin is expected to rise 2%...It has also Signed new GE order worth 500cr spread over next few years.."

As they say markets discounts everything and moves up or down before the news or the actual event is know to retail participants, the prices of PITTI LAMINATION moved sharply and kept on hitting new 52 Week High !

We got a SUPREBBB 55% ROI [ Return on Investment ] with few months we booked it on 11th DEC 2017.

We charge only Rs 15,000 for 12 months, in a year we recommended 15-20 such Hidden Gems to our Cool Brains Family Members.

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As we have Clients from all over the GLOBE joining us every day we recommended them all to invest in PITTI LAMINATIONS hence their returns and duration of holding were different but we all booked at 94-96 levels, few managed to get more than 55% returns in lesser days.....

See the below the reaction of our COOL BRAINS Investing Members after booking Profits in PITTI LAMINATIONS :

** Click here to Enlarge. [ Thanks for ths awesome call...Bought Pitti 1000@64.5......sold today at 93.5.....29k profit......cheers.]

** Click here to Enlarge. [ Hello Sokhi Team, Amezing profit almost 71% profit..Buy at 54.75 and sold at 93.60..This is my first hidden gem profit which is more than my expectations..Feel some bad too as I haven’t buy more even I have balance in Account....You and your team did fantastic work keep this going...Best Regards, Sagar.]

** Click here to Enlarge. [  Hello M/S Cool brains..I am writing this mail to confirm you that I have sold Pitti Laminations at 93..My average buy rate was around 54 ..This has given a return of over 70 percent in less than four months.]

** Click here to Enlarge. [ Thank u sir.Booked above 55% (60 to 94) in just three months.Best investment call for me.Booked 17500 approx...Sent from Yahoo Mail on Android.]

** Click here to Enlarge. [ Thank you sokhi team i booked profit just now in our hidden germ's...i have never seen such a accuracy ever in share market in my career and will be soon a lifetime member of our team...May God bless you and your team HAPPY NEW YEAR in advance......]

** Click here to Enlarge. [ Hi Coolbrains Team, Since I have joined Collbrain Investor series late, I brought Pitti Laminations @ Rs. 70 on 27-Oct-2017...Today I have booked @ 95 on 11-Dec-2017. Almost 11,000/- (35%) profit in just 45 days...This was my 1st Profit booking trade with Sokhi Team. Recovered subscription fee in 1 trade only..Thanks to all sokhi team members...My trade details are as follows: .]

** Click here to Enlarge. [ Dear Sir..Good afternoon..Today I booked awesome 44000 thousand in Pitti Lamination Actually I couldn’t able to buy this Gem when you recommended but once it came down I bought 1000 share and which gave me 90% return with in short time ..... thanks a lot for your blessings..... God bless you ,your family and entire team..... for making the wealth for everybody...Thanks & Regards...Khurshid Khan.]

** Click here to Enlarge. [ Pitti sold at 93.8 bought at 59.9 4 months before. Superbbbb.55 % profit booked..Congrats...Coolbrain team..]

** Click here to Enlarge. [ dear sokhi team , chanpreet sir..thank you guidance in earning 55% profit in this true hidden gem...such returns are not possible without your guidance...i was initially doing lot of intraday as it is very attractive but hardly we make any money in intraday..your hidden gems are rocking...thank you.]

** Click here to Enlarge. [ Hi Chanpreet...Pitti Lam bought at 60 and sold at 96...Whopping 60% profit in just 2 months (mid-Oct to mid-Dec 2017)..Thanks to CoolBrains...Regards.]

Winston Churchill once said “Never let a good crisis go to waste”.

The quote is indeed quite applicable to stock markets

As you know
 Nifty has corrected more than 300 points in last few weeks..

but if you look at the mid cap companies most of them have corrected in the range of 10-20%

Such corrections are quite normal and they will always keep on happening.

An Investor should take the advantage this volatility in the market and accumulate the companies which have strong fundamentals in the long run.

Currently we have recommended 4 Cool Brains Hidden Gems Stocks :

Hidden Gem 1 : A Public Sector Bank which has announced a major shift in its strategy last month, its market cap is going to increase to 15,000 cr mkt cap target in fy19. (Current market cap is 5500 cr), not to mention the prices will reflect the same :-) ** Note its almost 3 time increase in mkt cap its a no brainer !

Hidden Gem 2 : A Private Company cannot disclose much, its again my favorite de-merger situation ! A very good upside possibility which is very APT for such a market situation.

Hidden Gem 3 : The company is into the fast growing global animal API business and caters to the dairy, poultry and aqua industries. The company is available at 6.5x FY18 EBIT multiple.The company is expected to have an adjusted EPS of 14rs in fy18 and 19rs in fy19. If we give a 20pe multiple...we get a price target price of 380/share which is significantly above today's price of 130/share.The company is expected to grow at a very rapid pace in the next 2-3 years.

Hidden Gem 4 : Its one of the cheapest housing finance companies available in the market today. The company is available at a cheap 3x APBV..management has guided for very strong 50% growth annually for the next 5 years..this company can easily end up becoming a MultiBagger in coming month thanks to its wonderful management !

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If you have any queries regarding our Hidden Gems Services  please download this PDF File for FAQs ( Frequently Asked Questions )

This is what you will get during your Subscription Period :

1. 15-20 Multibagger Stock Names
2. Percentage allocation for every stock
3. Investment Strategy
4. Exit Call if there is any.

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Below are Few Thumb Rules which I follow when it comes to Investing :

1. Do not invest your money in a single stock. Have a portfolio of 10-15 stocks.
2. Don’t watch the markets every day.
3. Do not worry about short term volatilities in the market. In the long run, such jerks in the markets do not matter.
4. Keep a close eye on the earnings of the company and the developments related to that company.
5. Do not book profits too early and let the business mature to get you 5 times 10 times type of returns.
6. Exit from the stock at the right time – If the fundamentals are not supporting or valuations are too high.

FEL ( Futures Enterprise has given us 3X Returns so far [ Recall here ] , we will have atleast 2 more new Hidden Gems Calls in this September..CHEERS ! )

If you join today or even tomorrow we have this Amazing Pick for you !

The Stock is quoting at 30-31 levels we have Target of 75 in next 12 months....

Our Last year Muhurat Pick was FEL which moved from 16 to 50 [ Recall here ]

Below you can see few stocks from my personal portfolio !

Click here to see the returns - 460% in Avanti feeds, 205% in Fel, 196% in Ganesh Benzoplast, 157% in Mannapuram Finance, 131% in DHFL, 122% in Swaraj Engines and 104% in Moldtek Pakcaging

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I need to Thank You  from changing you Mindset from a Gambler to a Investor !

Over 50+ Investors like you from different parts of India and abroad have joined us for Wealth Creation in last few days :-)

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