Nifty Down 250 Points...what next ?

Published: Sun, 02/04/18

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Hi ..

Did u know that you need to pay LTCG Tax (Long Tem Capital Gains Tax) only if your Profits is more than Rs 1 Lac !

So before you start worrying about this, u need to make more than 1 lakh Profits :-)

if you were waiting for markets to correct or a reason to get into equity market your time has come :-)

Nifty has fallen down by 250 points on Friday, Midcaps have corrected by 15 to 20%

Nifty May fall buy another 150-250 points in coming days due to dim sentiments..

But remember on the short-term markets is all about sentiments but in the medium to long term it is about liquidity and earnings !

The corporate results, the aggregate profits are already up by 29% and you will see the March quarter will be even larger.

The earnings blast is going to be there for the next at least four to seven-eight quarters and it feeds itself.

That is more powerful than capital gains tax because in any case, the stock is not determined by the capital gains tax, it is determined by the corporate earnings and corporate earnings growth...

And that has not been impacted at all , Winston Churchill once said “Never let a good crisis go to waste”.

The quote is indeed quite applicable to stock markets

Such corrections are quite normal and they will always keep on happening.

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An Investor should take the advantage this volatility in the market and accumulate the companies which have strong fundamentals in the long run.

**IMPORTANT : " We have new Hidden Gem Stock which will be released on 5th Feb 2018 " the company is going for Demerger of it existing businesses and this restructuring of business will be positive for all stakeholders " more updates will be shared with our Hidden Gem Clients !

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So here is my advise to you don't let the above question give you excuses from staying away from investing in equities :-)

There is a way out

Focus on the company you invest,

find out what it is doing,

what is going to be its future,

what promoters are planning for it,

how its earnings are being discounted (valuations) and

regularly track the quarterly results declared by it.

Stay with such stocks as long as the company story remains enticing.

That it is the surest way to success

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Below are Few Thumb Rules which I follow when it comes to Investing :

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4. Keep a close eye on the earnings of the company and the developments related to that company.
5. Do not book profits too early and let the business mature to get you 5 times 10 times type of returns.
6. Exit from the stock at the right time – If the fundamentals are not supporting or valuations are too high.

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