I need to share this only with you

Published: Sat, 02/10/18

I need to share this with you this email from Yogeshwar Mehta Ji...received just 5 days back...

He has been a member of our CoolBrains Family from almost 12 months now...just read this email [ Click here ]

** Click here to Enlarge. [ Sir I took Investment plan last year by tendering Rs. 15000/-. I wish to continue the service for one more year. Please let me know when my subscription is expiring so that i could make the payment again...With due regards..Mehta.]

Though this email is about his eagerness to renew his membership with Cool Brains...

Just think for yourself why he wants to continue to remain our Cool Brains family member ?

Now also see this email from one of our Cool Brains Family Member Mr.Manoj Kumar Singh which just made my day !

Click here and read it carefully  as u may also be in same position...

** Click here to Enlarge. [ Dear Team Cool Brain, I am taking this opportunity to look back at my year long association with Cool brains..I subscribed for both investor as well as traders pack...I had lots of apprehension at the time of subscription..With my experience, I m fairly confident to say that good money can be made by just following recommendations of team cool brains..Good part is that you need not to do lot of trading..At the time of subscription, I enquired about the strike rate of recommendations in F&O segment..I was told for every investment, there is plan B ready, which I was not able to appreciate..but now I could understand the meaning of it irrespective of market direction..Overall I am happy with my association with team cool brains and I have made profitable trades...I would thank team cool brains for their brilliant work and wish them all the best. I would also desire that they should once again start life time subscription...Thanking team cool brains once again...MK Singh]

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 just read this before you go to sleep " DIL KI BAAT " of one of our Cool Brains Family Member :

[ Click here to read the - Dil ki BAAT ]

** Click here to Enlarge. [ Dearest Coolbrains Team, Jindal Profit Booked 14175...I cannot express the Joy I feel to be a part of Coolbrains family :) To all the subscribers who constantly get the emails from Sokhi Team who are yet not part of the Coolbrains family I urge you to stop thinking and join this trading community as a trader or investor as soon as possible...The detailed and patient approach and the constant trade update messages are just amazing..All you guys who are still doubtful send me an email with the subject COOLBRAINS and I will more than happy to share my journey with you..Chanpreet Sir you can let my email be visible for this message so anybody in confusion can contact me..I owe this to you and the entire Coolbrains Team..Thankyou so much. You will never know how much these profits mean to me..Warm Regards, Taranjeet Singh Juneja ]

Did u know that you need to pay LTCG Tax (Long Tem Capital Gains Tax) only if your Profits is more than Rs 1 Lac !

So before you start worrying about this, u need to make more than 1 lakh Profits :-)

if you were waiting for markets to correct or a reason to get into equity market your time has come :-)

Nifty has fallen down by 250 points on Friday, Midcaps have corrected by 20 to 30%

Nifty May fall buy another 100-200 points in coming days due to dim sentiments..

But remember  on the short-term markets is all about sentiments but in the medium to long term it is about liquidity and earnings !

The corporate results, the aggregate profits are already up by 29% and you will see the March quarter will be even larger.

The earnings blast is going to be there for the next at least four to seven-eight quarters and it feeds itself.

That is more powerful than capital gains tax because in any case, the stock is not determined by the capital gains tax, it is determined by the corporate earnings and corporate earnings growth...

And that has not been impacted at all  , Winston Churchill once said “Never let a good crisis go to waste”.

The quote is indeed quite applicable to stock markets

Such corrections are quite normal and they will always keep on happening.

...Please see this Video Message [ https://youtu.be/Dz2yu9p-TJ0 ] only for you

An Investor should take the advantage this volatility in the market and accumulate the companies which have strong fundamentals in the long run.

You will be glad to know  that our Hidden Gem has hit a new 52 Week High from 198 to 223 :-)

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Below is the Cool Mantra   to follow if you want to Make Wealth from Indian Equity Market :

Sokhi Team Mantra

1) Equity beats inflation and provides superior return over other asset classes in the long run.

2) Good years are more than bad years. Based on the past we can say 70% of the time it is good years.

3) Not possible to time the market. Need to stay invested through both good and bad years to reap the long term return.

4) 10% correction once a year is a normal. Should not be surprised whenever it occurs. Only non occurrence should be a surprise.

5) 20% correction once in few years and 30% fall once in a decade is also very normal. Need to live through this roller coaster ride to enjoy high returns which equities offer.

6) Better to avoid checking portfolio during the periods of market turbulence. Once a year review is good enough, more so during bear markets.

7) Need to withstand emotional pain during the corrections and falls. Any adverse reaction to emotional pain would convert temporary notional loss into permanent real loss.

8) Invest when you’ve money. Redeem when you need money. Ensure there is not less than 10 year time gap between both.

9) Have strong filters when you consume market news. If it is not possible, you would be better off ignoring such news and updates.

10) Patience, discipline and staying the course would ensure you reach your goals and become wealthy. Always work on developing these traits.

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Our Hidden Gem has now moved from 198 to 223 levels...a New 52 Week High Cheers !

This Hidden Gem is line with what I learned by reading veteran value investor Mohnish Pabrai's highly acclaimed book Dhandho Investor..

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This book teaches you the Low Risk Value Method to High Returns.

Its a very simple method of Investing which is followed by all the tops investors of the World including WARREN BUFFET..

 it is based on this concept " Heads I win, Tails I Don't Lose Much "

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Nifty has correct by 850 points in 2-3 sessions but our Hidden Gem has moved from 198 to 218 levels...!

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