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Frustrated With Your Sexless Marriage?

Published: Fri, 03/24/23

Hey brother,When conflict and se ual frustration have developed in a relationship, there has been a long history of unhappy feelings and bad behaviour…

Is Your Marriage Heading Towards Divorce?

Published: Thu, 03/09/23

Hey brother,My last newsletter was about defensiveness and the effect it has on you, your confidence and the connection and trust in your…

How Being Defensive Ruins Trust & Intimacy

Published: Tue, 03/07/23

Hey brother,I recently sent you a newsletter about stonewalling or the silent treatment as it's often called.Today I want to talk about another aspect…

The Two Most Powerful Coaching Words I Know

Published: Sun, 03/05/23

Hey brother,I've learned a very simple lesson about men after sending you over 400 newsletters and videos. My audience tends to read emails and watch…

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