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Why Your Wife Has Asked For Space

Published: Wed, 05/22/24

Updated: Wed, 05/22/24

Hey brother, My sweetheart was telling me about a friend of hers who recently broke up with her long-time partner. The bottom line reason was around…

How To Break Free From A Sexless Marriage

Published: Tue, 05/21/24

Updated: Tue, 05/21/24

Hey brother, I wrote an article a few years back which talks about why you need the energy of a happily divorced man, even if (especially if) you're…

Unlocking Your Wife's Sex Drive

Published: Mon, 05/20/24

Updated: Mon, 05/20/24

Hey brother, Is your discomfort with “dirty talk” affecting the depth of intimacy you have with your wife? In a coaching session the other day with a…

How Blake Saved His Marriage

Published: Wed, 05/15/24

Updated: Wed, 05/15/24

Hey, This is last of coach Garrett Prettyman's 7-part series about Blake and Molly's journey through some really challenges. It has an une pected…

Want More Intimacy Become A Better Listener

Published: Sat, 05/11/24

Updated: Sat, 05/11/24

Hey brother, This is the shortest newsletter I've ever sent. It's about the power of brevity and the power of listening. This is NOT about minimizing…

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