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Holidays Create More Stress Than Happiness

Published: Fri, 11/25/22

Hey brother,Did you know that divorce filings spike right after the "happy" holidays?Is your relationship lacking the passion, fun and affection it…

My Wife Doesn't Like Compliments - Why?

Published: Tue, 11/22/22

Hey brother,Bob’s happiness was infectious as he e citedly told us about his new girlfriend he met since his divorce a year ago.He showed up to our…

Wife Hates You Talking About Your Feelings?

Published: Mon, 11/21/22

Hey brother,This email is bound to tick off idealists who believe “it shouldn’t be like that”.Sorry. But for scads of married men it is like that.The…

Unhappy Man Or Unhappy Marriage You Choose

Published: Thu, 11/17/22

Hey brother, Men often ask me about my “success rate” when it comes to helping them fi their relationships.And that’s a red flag right from the…

How Do I Get My Wife To Have Sex With Me?

Published: Sat, 11/12/22

Hey brother, Meet Bill.Bill is one of those “nice guy husbands”. He is strikingly familiar to me and models a former version of myself.By all…

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