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191 Days Of A Sexless Marriage: Then He Got It!

Published: Fri, 05/10/24

Updated: Fri, 05/10/24

Hey, If you've ever felt desperate, frustrated or hopeless in the romance and se department with your wife, this story is for you. There are so many…

How Do I Know If My Marriage Is Too Far Gone?

Published: Thu, 05/09/24

Updated: Thu, 05/09/24

Hey, "Should I stay or should I go?" It's a popular question in marriages these days. And it's not always clear cut...especially if emotional or…

What Tarzan Knows About Man Or Bear

Published: Sun, 05/05/24

Updated: Sun, 05/05/24

Hey brother, I had to laugh out loud at something a guy told me the other day. Allen was feeling defeated about his interactions with his wife.

What Is The Most Attractive Quality In A Man?

Published: Sat, 05/04/24

Updated: Sat, 05/04/24

Hey brother, A lot of men think they know what women are attracted to. Some believe it's someone tall, dark, rich and macho. Some guys think it's the…

How To Make A Woman Feel Safe To Open Up To You

Published: Fri, 05/03/24

Updated: Fri, 05/03/24

Hey brother, It’s a common story…wife becomes unhappy, wife pulls away, husband learns from the pain and becomes a better…no, an amazing man, but it’s…

Is A Little Affection Too Much To Ask Of Her?

Published: Thu, 05/02/24

Updated: Thu, 05/02/24

Hey, I'm really enjoying this story about Blake by Coach Garrett Prettyman. It will make you cringe or cry or both. (click here if you missed the last…

Masculine Energy That Women Instinctually Trust

Published: Tue, 04/30/24

Updated: Tue, 04/30/24

Hey brother, There's a woo-woo Buddhist rule (The Second Noble Truth as they call it) that says: All Suffering is the Result of Desire for Pleasure,…

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