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Morel mushroom season is on!🔥

Published: Tue, 05/14/24

Updated: Tue, 05/14/24

Get out your baskets and sharpen your knives! 2 last minute tickets have been added for this Saturday's (Sold Out) morel mushroom hunting adventure. I…

Forage & Feast at Burdock & Co 🏵️

Published: Tue, 05/07/24

Updated: Tue, 05/07/24

I'm so e cited to collaborate with Michelin star Chef Andrea Carlson on a coastal foraging dinner. From my basket wild ingredients like maple and…

Crab Feast in the garden - Book Now 🦀

Published: Sun, 05/05/24

Updated: Sun, 05/05/24

you are invited to the Swallow Tail secret garden in Mount Pleasant for a casual summer seafood dinner. Chef Robin Kort's menu will include recipes…

WILD BAR - A Cocktail Bar in the forest! 🍸

Published: Wed, 05/01/24

Updated: Wed, 05/01/24

What's chef harvesting right now?Hopefully, this inspires you to get out and learn to ID and harvest some of these delicious spring edibles...Lady…

Morel Mushroom Popup Dinner - Book Now 💎

Published: Wed, 04/17/24

What's will you be eating? A flowering currant & magnolia blossom gin sour served as you come through the door followed by Michelin starred Chef Bruno…

Spring Mushrooms | Morel Popup Dinner...

Published: Thu, 04/11/24

What mushrooms should be poking their heads up for you to collect this April? Spring grows only a handful of wild edible mushroom species. I've found…

Mushroom Hunting Field Trip - Book Now!🌊

Published: Tue, 03/19/24

Morel mushrooms tend to pop up in the spring after a forest fire. Each year after the crop of 'burn morels' declines. You can also find different…

Clam Dig & Cookout - Book Now!🌊

Published: Tue, 03/12/24

Simple horse clam siphon ceviche with lemon, tamari and fresh dill is my favourite all time clam dish. Horse clams can be harvested during very low…

what's your favourite spice?🌶️

Published: Thu, 03/07/24

Mine is from my travels through Laos last week, a spicy chili vine used in traditional Khmu cooking that tastes like ginger with a sichuan peppercorn…

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