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Published: Fri, 03/11/16

Story Crossroads: The Newsletter
I have a story.  You have a story.  We all have stories.

Volume 1, Issue 8
What to Expect
Know the traditions for each newsletter.
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Some traditions include:
*  Latest News of Story Crossroads
*  Cap's Off to You! (people profiles who use story)
*  Story Video (created or loved by us)
*  Story
*  Story Game (inspired by different cultures)

About Story Crossroads
What is Story Crossroads?
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Story Crossroads is a free grassroots event that features 50 professional story artists as well as 80 community members telling for the main stage event.  Youth, community, and seniors will be taught through free storytelling residencies at libraries, schools, and other venues by certified story-teachers in preparation for this celebration.  Bilingual and cultural performers combine arts to bring the stories forward for the audience.  Enjoy stories told with ancient technique while simultaneously enjoying newfangled approaches to these traditions.  The 1st Story Crossroads launches April 15-16, 2016 at the Viridian Event Center in Salt Lake City, Utah.  Then, with an invitation extended across all borders, World Story Crossroads launches 2022.  

Latest News
Celebration of 2nd of the House Concert Fundraising Series
George McEwan
We kicked off the second house concert with the Story Crossroads fundraising series. We were pleased to have George McEwan share "Bad Decisions Make Good Stories" on Friday, February 12, 2016.

The audience immediately learned first-hand of why George is a 4-time Utah's Biggest Liar Winner.  George had everyone guessing as to how much was true and how much was stretched.

Seventeen people came to enjoy the performance thanks to the wonderful hosting of Karl and Kathy Behling.  Several of the audience members had heard the host, Karl, perform and now they experienced more professional storytelling.

With his stories, George took us to as far as Germany and Italy and to as close to a block in Salt Lake City, Utah.  We heard about super-sized chickens and determined seagulls.  We saw images of rockets with "NAS" painted on the side and a boy hanging in the clouds.  The details were clear for anyone to think it all happened to them!

Next House Concert:  Friday, April 8th at 7:00pm, Salt Lake City, UT
Details to be announced soon on Story Crossroads website

Interested in being a host?  Like to perform for an hour of specialty and polished story material at a house concert?  Like to know about the next house concert to enjoy?  Email
Field Trips and Reservation Options--Ask Today!
Viridian Event Center
You can reserve your spot at the Story Crossroads Festival on April 15-16, 2016 at the Viridian Event Center (8030 S. 1825 W., West Jordan, UT) featuring 50 professional story artists and 80 community tellers.  We already have sessions filling so email or call (801) 870-5799 today.  The event is this is about having a seat with your name on it.

Senior centers, schools, youth groups, and homeschooling groups and families are encouraged to respond.  Any other group is welcome to request spots.  The full schedule is online as well as the bios of the professional story artists.  See the link below.
Congrats to Graduates from Residencies!
Residency Graduates

We are pleased that over 60 people connected with the free Story Crossroads Residencies offered through the Salt Lake County Library Services.  The top community tellers (youth, adults, and seniors) are invited to tell as part of the Story Crossroads Festival on April 15-16, 2016.  More of these residencies will be available in Winter 2017.  We send a huge thank you to our Master Story Facilitators:  Wayne McKay, Jim Luter, Jessie McKinney, Cherie Davis, John Adams, and Ted Erekson.

Besides these residencies, the following are participating festivals with Story Crossroads: Murray Storytelling Festival (includes Murray School District), Jordan School District Storytelling Festival, Canyons School District Storytelling Festival, the Weber State University Storytelling Festival, and youth tellers from the City of St. George (with shuttling covered by the City). What starts as a two-day event in 2016 turns into a six-day event when the World Story Crossroads launches in 2022.

   Record A Story for Free--Emberall at Story Crossroads Festival
We are pleased to announce on behalf of Story Crossroads that Emberall will be at the April 15-16, 2016 Festival. You could sign-up for a time to record a story at a kiosk and guided by someone who can tell you more about this free video app. The story could be in an interview format, a telling of a family story, or even an original or folklore piece. Check out the website here:
Cap's Off to You
Celebrating your way of using story

Featuring:  Michael Capell

Husband, Father & Designer from UT​

Michael Capell
Michael Capell studied at Utah State University where he met Dr. David Sidwell, or “Dr. Dave” as most students call the professor.  This Dr. Dave shared the oral art form of storytelling from the whimsical to the dramatic sides.  Michael not only enjoyed this class though already saw storytelling as an essential part of his life.  Michael has delved into story through the visual arts, animation, and film. 

So enjoy the past, present, and future influences of storytelling in Michael's life.
Story Video of the Month
David Campbell is known for his Scottish tales though even more than that he is known for his amazing perspectives on the art of storytelling.  This 30-minute film explore the power of the art in the most intriguing way.

This video was brought to our attention by K Sean Buvala ( and we thank him for sharing on Facebook so more people can learn from David Campbell.
If you or someone you know has a story video that you want us to see, then let us know about it and email us a link to it.  Who knows?  Perhaps we will be inspired to invite you to one of our Story Crossroads event?   Remember that our launch is April 15-16, 2016 at the Viridian Event Center in Salt Lake City, Utah. 

The Traveler's Secret
The Traveler's Secret, from Italy
While harvesting grapes, a father saw his 2-year-old daughter snatched by a kidnapper. The parents grieved and searched for 5 years. One day a 7-year-old boy stepped into the road and asked for food. The man invited the boy to eat supper. The boy explained that his father abandoned him and his mother when he was 2 years old. Only 2 days ago his mother died.

The man and woman raised the boy, Oresto, as their own. When the boy turned 18, he built a house for his parents. One day, a traveler stayed in the couple’s house and the meal conversation turned to the kidnapping of their daughter 16 years ago and finding the boy 11 years ago. The traveler fainted and whispered “Cecilia”.  

After the traveler rested and left, Oresto filled a cart and drove it to market. A little way down the road, the traveler stood and blocked Oresto’s way. The traveler revealed to Oresto that he was his birth father and kidnapped the girl all those years ago. The traveler sold his soul and his first baby to a wizard so that he could live for 200 years. When his son was born, the traveler delayed 2 years before bringing the child to the wizard who lived in a crystal castle beneath the sea. The wizard appeared to the traveler and threatened that his family would die unless the agreement was met. Rather than taking Oresto, the traveler kidnapped a girl and pretended she was his child. The wizard, thinking that the traveler’s wife threw him out of the house for taking their child, offered for the traveler to raise the girl until age 18. Then the wizard would return and take the child. The wizard allowed the traveler to go anywhere he wanted for 3 days of the year. The traveler learned of his wife’s death, tried to find his son, and looked for Cecilia’s parents.

The traveler asked Oresto to arrive at noon the next day by the sea to a secret crystal chamber that led under the waters. The traveler could open the door to the wizard’s palace and aid in Cecilia’s escape. Oresto arrived as promised and fell in love at the sight of Cecilia. The traveler insisted on staying behind so they would not see him die. Cecilia and Oresto refused, though as soon as the traveler crossed onto shore, he became ill due to breaking the wizard’s agreement. Oresto took everyone home and the traveler passed peacefully, knowing he was forgiven by all and promised the blessing of Cecilia and Oresto.
Artwork by Joanna Huffaker
Customs and Traditions of Note with Italian Culture:
*  Show that someone is smart by taking one finger and pull gently under the eye
*  First impressions are considered the only impression in Italy
*  Watch your "Bella Figura" (good image) by dressing with style, crispness, and with a strong aura (confidence, demeanor, personality)
*  Northern Italy tend to live with immediate family members while Southern Italy tend to live with extended family 
*  Facial and hand gestures are used to prove a point as well as wordy and eloquent language

Story Game of the Month

The Big Reveal Game
Inspired by The Traveler's Secret story
Geared for Ages 10+
Before the game starts, slips of paper need to have one of these words per paper: Hero, Villain, Mentor, Good Side-Kick, Evil Side-Kick. Feel free to come up with your own categories. The cards are shuffled and each person receives a card. Everyone decides and announces what kind of character they will represent in the group story. For example, one person may want to be a magician who likes to make things fly. Another person may want to be a sailor who gets sea sick. Everyone tells the story, one at a time, introducing their characters, until all get a turn. Then, someone says, “Little did they know…” and turns over their card. If they were the magician and drew “Mentor”, then the rest of the story needs to have that character reflecting that fact. When the next person adds to the story, they also say, “Little did they know…” and turns over their card. If they were the sailor and drew “Villain”, then the rest of the story needs to have that character reflecting that fact. End the story when it feels satisfying.
Most pictures are taken by Steve Evans, our official photographer.  He is a photojournalist that travels the world.  He generously granted Story Crossroads permission to use his pictures.  You can find all of his images here:
Utah Storytelling Guild
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