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Published: Sun, 10/16/16

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Triple Crown

It has been a phenomenal year for me chess wise. ~ Christofer Peterson

tactics position x
his position comes from the game Christofer Peterson - Brian Wall,  2016 Colorado Quick Chess Championship, Round 5, played October 14, 2016.
   In the position on the right it is White to move
   Answer below.

   Congratulations to Christofer Peterson who just won the "Triple Crown" of Colorado Chess, winning the Colorado Open, Colorado Blitz Championship, and Colorado Quick Championship!

   This is a really impressive accomplishment!

   On top of that, Chris became a National Master in 2016, and also won the Denver Open.

   Chris was featured on the cover of the October 2016 Colorado Chess Informant magazine, which I think is one of the best covers of all time. 

   You can read the issue in PDF here:  http://www.coloradochess.com/informant/October%202016.pdf
   Chris annotated his games from the Colorado Open, which were interesting to read.

   Chris also organized the Colorado Ironman series this summer, which I enjoyed tremendously.  You can read his reports here:  https://coloradochessironman.com/  Congrats to Brian Wall who won the 2016 Iron man! 

   You can see all of the final Iron man standings here:  https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/17O5X0XZy-TmhjFq6ij_ZMnhjxAOBS5XxVmTAuCdeir8/edit#gid=0

   Chris wrote about me: "Tim was the first person to sign up for every event. He was a loyal supporter of the series and just about every kooky idea. For his support and diligence, he won 1st in the U2000." 

   Congrats again Chris on your accomplishments and thanks for your hard working organizing events in Colorado!

   Here is the complete game:
[Event "2016 Colorado Quick Chess Championship"]
[Site "Hilton Garden Inn, Highlands "]
[Date "2016.10.14"]
[Round "5"]
[White "Peterson, Christofer"]
[Black "Wall, Brian"]
[Result "1-0"]
[ECO "B06"]
[WhiteElo "2073"]
[BlackElo "2171"]
[PlyCount "49"]
[EventDate "2016.10.14"]

1. Nf3 g6 2. d4 Bg7 3. e4 c6 4. e5 d6 5. Bd3 dxe5 6. dxe5 Bxe5 7. Nxe5 Qa5+ 8.
Nc3 Qxe5+ 9. Be3 Nf6 10. h3 Nd5 11. Nxd5 cxd5 12. O-O Nc6 13. Re1 Qxb2 14. Qf3
O-O 15. Rab1 Qxa2 16. Bh6 Ne5 17. Qg3 Nxd3 18. Qxd3 Qc4 19. Qg3 Re8 20. Rxb7
Bf5 21. Rbxe7 Rxe7 22. Rxe7 Qxc2 23. Qe5 Qb1+ 24. Kh2 Qb8 25. Re8+ 1-0

   You can play through this game here:  https://denverchess.com/games/view/16201

   25. Re8+! unpins the White Queen with check deflecting the Black Queen 25...Qxe8 26. Qg7#  

   Note that White cannot play Qg7# right away, because it is pinned to the King.

   Happy Tactics!
   Your Friend,

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