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Published: Sun, 11/13/11

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Editor's Note: As I write this it's Saturday Night, 12:40am. I've just finished uploading a new Lesson for my Resolve 8 training that's taken 2 days too long to produce (technical issues). There's no way I can do a decent job on a Newsletter tonight. Instead - I'll give to you that which got in the way of this Newsletter being completed this week. . . Enjoy! You'll see a full Newsletter next week.


Flanders Scientific Broadcast Monitors

The LM-2461W is an affordable 24" color critical reference monitor featuring 10bit color depth, 3G/HD/SD-SDI Inputs, 12 onboard scopes, and DCI P3 support. All standard and all for just $4,995.

Learn More About the LM-2461W


Behind the Tao of Color Curtain

As regular readers know - I'm deep into creating training for DaVinci Resolve 8. This week, since I can't get an issue of the Tao Colorist newsletter out of my digital door - I've decided to invite you in! 
Below are two complete Lessons from the Tao of Color DaVinci Resolve 8 MasterClass. The first Lesson is the one I just uploaded about an hour ago. I've also decided to also give you second Lesson.
Because these two Lessons cover some of the most confusing aspects of DaVinci Resolve.
The video download links will only be active for one week. If you share the links, please link to the Lesson page and not directly to the videos. Thanks!
  • DaVinci Resolve 8: Specialty Nodes - This 35 minute Lesson looks beyond the work-a-day Serial Node and explains the three nodes you may not use very often... but are essential tools in the Resolve arsenal: the Parallel Node, the Layer Mixer Node, the Key Mixer Node. And if you're using DaVinci Resolve Lite - these nodes are three reasons to upgrade to the paid version. (TaoOfColor.com)
  • DaVinci Resolve 8: Versions, Sessions, and the Media Pool - This 32 minute Lesson ties three discrete DaVinci Resolve concepts and demonstrates how the Whole is greater than the Sum of its Parts. Specifically, this lesson shows how these concepts 'magically' work together to allow us to automatically inherit grades for the same shot in one timeline into another timeline. And, when necessary, how to disable that feature. (TaoOfColor.com)


Current Colorist Control Surface Drivers
 JL Cooper Eclipse Avid Artist Color Tangent Wave

Software: v2.1.6

Mac: v2.6.2

Software: v3.8

Color Plug-in: v 1.0.5
PC: v2.6.2
Firmware: v1.9

March 7

Updated: October 20 Updated: Jan. 28(ish)

The Craft 

  • [Video] The Hobbit: 3D - Peter Jackson explains how they're using 2 Red Epics to film this prequel in 3D. Interesting comments about how the RED camera sucks out color and they've over-saturated the physical set and make-up. Plus hand-drawn concept art in 3D. (FStoppers.com via Dylan Haley)

Edumacate Yerself

  • Resolve 8: Roundtripping and Flashy Looks - From the recent Boston Supermeet. Alexis Van Hurkman does a nice demo showing the different options of getting into and out of DaVinci Resolve. He also shows some quick techniques for creating quick diffusion and glow effects using Resolve 8.1's new Transfer Modes. (YouTube.com)
  • Autodesk Smoke Training Series - Over the past few months I've posted the various training videos for the high-end finishing tool, Smoke. They've now posted all the videos in this series on a single page. If you're taking advantage of the the free trial then you need to be watching these. (area.autodesk.com)
  • THX: Wide Gamut Workflows (NYC) - If you're in NYC this week on November 17, then head up to Columbia University for this FREE presentation on the transition to Wide Gamut pipelines and image evaluation. (Eventbrite.com)
  • THX: Color Management Education (NYC) - Thursday and Friday this week, THX is holding a professional color management class at Abel Cine. They'll be teaching display profiling, building LUTs, and implementing color management practices. (THX.com)


Resolve 8: Twenty+ hours of video                   Beyond the interface training

MasterClass: DaVinci Resolve 8

Early Bird Discount Ends This Month!

A Unique Color Grading Training and Mentoring System
DaVinci Resolve 8 | Colorista II | Apple Color | FCP 7

Sunday Morning Fun(nies)

  • [Video] Knives, Made By Hand - An excellent mini-bio of a Brooklyn writer-turned-knife-maker. He discusses the road from Competence to Mastery to Artistry and his attempt to find meaning in his work. A really great Sunday Morning watch. (Kottke.org

Gear Heads

Tweet Of The Week

"My Father-In-Law's problem-solving flow chart: http://pic.twitter.com/eenUpo35"     (via @ericstm)


Th- Th- That's ALL Folks! See you next week. Happy Grading!
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