"But it's Taking Too Long!"

Published: Fri, 07/04/14

Do you ever struggle with impatience regarding seeing the results of your health efforts? I know the feeling! I have a short story to share that may help.


A mature lady in her 60s decided that she wanted to become a doctor. She told a friend of hers about her intention. But instead of support, the friend scoffed and said, "Are you crazy? How long is that going to take...8, 10 years? Why, you'll be in your 70s by then!"


The lady looked at her friend and replied gently, "Time is going to pass anyway. I choose how I want time to pass. I am choosing to pass the time working on my dream. And if God should grant me to live into my 70s, I will get there AND I'll have my medical degree!"


To bring this story back to weight loss, let's say that you decide to lose 50 pounds. You thought it would take 6 months, but 6 months have passed already and you are disappointed that you've "only" lost 25 pounds.


What do you do with your time after that?


  • Go back to your old habits. Since they made you gain the excess weight to begin with, you'll regain the 25 pounds you lost and probably more on top of that. As someone once said, "The definition of insanity is doing the same thing, but expecting different results." Some of us have been in the "crazy-making cycle" way too long!


  • Say to yourself "I guess this is going to take longer than I thought," and celebrate the 25 pounds you did lose. Then recommit to giving the process the time it needs to finish. You decide to keep working on your dream, confident that one day you will have your better body.


The time is going to pass anyway. You get to choose how you want time to pass. 

The Bible says it take faith AND patience to inherit God's promises. You can't inherit God's promises without patience.

Have a blessed day and for those in the U.S., have a Happy Independence Day holiday!

Kimberly Taylor

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