Bad Luck If You're Big Boned :(

Published: Fri, 05/13/16

Hi ,​

It's so unfair how some people can eat all the pizza & chocolate in the world and not gain weight right?!

And some of us, no matter how hard we try..

However many detoxes we go on or starvation diets we endure..

We only lose so much weight before coming to an abrupt halt, leaving those last few pounds hovering like chewing gum stuck in your hair.

Bad luck - you were born 'big boned' and you'll never be slim like them, except...

Here's an idea - genuinely big bones, as in if we x-rayed your body and you had a larger than average skeleton, requires more flesh to cover it, so put the same amount of muscle & fat on a small boned person and the big boned person will look skinnier!

You need more flesh to round out your hips, collarbone etc. Really, please think about this, you know it makes sense.

Now I am small boned (have you ever seen me in real life?!)

5'2 1/2 (don't forget the 1/2) with size 4 feet. When I broke my leg in three places I had to wait 4 days for an operation to pin my leg back together as my bones were too small for adult size metal pins, but just a little too big for the kids ones (I was 25 yrs old) and the correct size pins had to be shipped in - true story.

This means that in order to 'look' slim I don't need as much on my bones as someone with a larger skeleton, and as soon as I put on weight I look chubby.

See who's 'lucky' now? Big Boned people - I wish I had your girls' hips rather that my boy ones + straight waist - this I cannot change!

So the point of this email is that what we think is down to luck and what isn't, isn't always the case.

Most of our destiny (& body) is in our hands.

It might be Friday 13th today but your weight problems are not down to bad luck. If that were the case we'd all wake up tomorrow (14th) looking like supermodels.

It's in your hands, but you have to know how to use those hands and make your own luck.

Join other Mums on the BodyBack programme who are doing amazingly well..

Like my member Tara: "I did my fitness test last week. Have done the workout 3-4 times this week. Loving it! Lost 2 inches on my hips and an inch on my waist and I don't feel like I'm dieting, just making healthy choices."

Tara made her own luck, will you join her?

Polly 'luck is not found it's made' Hale


p.s. Realised you just weren't getting the whole diet/weightloss thing quite right after all? Click Here to schedule a call with me or just reply to this email and we can work out the best way forward to get you feeling amazing again. 

If you really can't make those times hit reply and we'll sort something out - I can't promise a small child won't pull faces behind my back but hey us Mums are pretty good at multitasking right?!

Looking forward to chatting,

Polly xxx
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