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Published: Wed, 01/05/22

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Jordan Roy-Byrne, CMT, MFTA


Wednesday, January 5, 2021


Good Morning & Happy 2022!

The charts shared on financial Twitter or in analyst research reports are almost always daily charts. Sometimes you will see a weekly chart. Rarely will you see a monthly chart.

I look at hundreds of charts almost daily and I've only seen quarterly charts a few times. In the video below I analyze the quarterly and monthly charts. There's an important point about the resistance in Silver. and Gold too (that you only get from the quarterly chart).

Gold & Silver Quarterly and Monthly Chart Analysis 

Yesterday, my good buddy Trevor Hall of MiningStockDaily interviewed me about Gold's technicals & the macro fundamental situation.

It went long because I babbled on. But I covered quite a few things and my expectations for this year. Listen at 1.5x to cut down the time.

Click Here to Listen to the Interview


I have seen and tried a few of the newsletters. Yours is by far the best, yours is the only one that really gets the technical analysis down. Fundamentally I really like your picks. They are all low risk minimal downside with huge upside. I have found some of the other newsletters pick a lot of risky exploration stocks or they simply have far too many companies. You seem to sift through the best and recommend a simple more condensed list with big upside.

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You have probably seen my data on Gold & Silver performance after the start of rate hike cycles.

Not surprisingly, the US$ almost always declines after the start of a new rate hike cycle. 

Take a look at the chart below...



"I am simply a pure market-timer for a broad basket of gold stocks and precious metals. Jordan, on the other hand, has provided superior STOCK-PICKING abilities over the longer-term. I am familiar with most gold stock subscription services over the past 30 years. I rarely provide endorsements of any kind, but Jordan's ability to analyze individual gold/silver stocks has been among the top 5 services over the past decade. First and foremost, I respect his integrity.

-Jeffrey Kern,

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For the most part, we are watching the market and waiting for that rate hike, which looks to be in March or May.

In the two months prior to the start of the last 3 rate hike cycles Gold declined 11%-13% and the HUI some 25%-29%. That's each time. 

Thus, one should be very careful before the rate hike, but very bullish once it has been executed. 

We have our favorite stocks and buy targets. We'll assess how they trade prior to the hike and adjust buy targets as needed. 

I have a good amount of cash but am heavily invested already. One way to think about building cash is to dump your losers/weakest positions and ready yourself to replace those with stocks with better prospects. 



Thanks for reading. I wish you all great health and prosperity in 2022 and beyond!


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