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Published: Tue, 02/22/22

The Daily Gold
Jordan Roy-Byrne, CMT, MFTA


Tuesday, February 22, 2022


Good Morning

Gold has broken above trendline resistance at $1850-$1855, but for a real breakout it needs a weekly and monthly close above $1900. 

Note, a breakout is the start of a big move. There's no big move until Gold takes out $1900 convincingly.

But, make no mistake. Getting back to $1900 is very significant.

That move beyond $1900 will provide confirmation but there are 3 things I'm watching that will confirm a big move is starting.

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A few months back I interviewed Mariusz Skonieczny on my 10-Bagger Podcast. You may recall, he hates miners but has made life changing gains and a near 100-bagger in one.

Mariusz emailed me over a month ago because he had a new pick. This is a SaaS company. Not a junior, nor in the resource space. I asked him if I could interview him about it.

Ok. Why should we care?

He thinks it has up to 50-bagger potential.

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I have seen and tried a few of the newsletters. Yours is by far the best, yours is the only one that really gets the technical analysis down. Fundamentally I really like your picks. They are all low risk minimal downside with huge upside. I have found some of the other newsletters pick a lot of risky exploration stocks or they simply have far too many companies. You seem to sift through the best and recommend a simple more condensed list with big upside.

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Comparing 1996-2006 with 2012-2022

This remains the best comparison for the present day.

The 2005 breakout was one of the most significant breakouts for Gold and the same can be said when Gold breaks $2,100. The cup and handle pattern gives Gold potential for a similar launch.

Also, the correction since August 2020 fits 2004-2005 closely in time and is not that far off in price. 



I am sure you have many members and probably don’t recall who I am.  Regardless, I am retired and to my own detriment I have been fully invested in gold and silver miners for to many years now.  I started following you 2 or 3 years ago and to be honest I was always hoping you were wrong with your analysis, but unfortunately for me you were always right.

I just want to thank you for your constant objectiveness on PM. Not like many other gold bulls, your objective observation of the macro front and technical analysis is so valuable to orient in this market.

Thanks for the fantastic work you do, Ive been in this sector since 2002 and your is the best analysis Ive seen.

#762 is the best update since I became a subscriber, in terms of writing in detail about things that I had been thinking about all week.

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In TDG #765 we discussed the current macro market outlook, mining margins and the importance of exploration.

We noted two producer/developer companies we think have the most potential for "transformational" exploration success.

In TDG #766 we listed our companies in a table in order by their status as producer/developer/explorer. We included current market cap, cash and some notes, plus a few pages of commentary. 

We discussed which have the most potential and how we see everything else as far as outlook & potential. 

In TDG #765 we covered a Silver stock and assessed its potential to be a 10-bagger at $50 Silver. This looks to be our favorite silver stock now.  



Thanks for reading. I wish you all great health and prosperity in 2022 and beyond!


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