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Published: Thu, 01/26/23

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Jordan Roy-Byrne, CMT, MFTA


Thursday, January 26, 2023


Good Morning!

Before I answer the question, check out the links below to get my thoughts on the most important long-term indicator for the precious metals sector and my latest comments on current market action. (Or you can scroll down to the end). 

Gold against the stock market is an extremely important intermarket relationship. I offer my latest analysis of both Gold against the S&P 500 and Silver against the S&P 500.

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Click the link below for my interview with the KEReport. Its my latest thoughts on Gold, the miners, the stock market and Gold's big picture technicals. 

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This chart plots Gold and the total ETF Holdings of Gold.

Normally, the trend and shape of the blue line at the bottom will follow the Gold price. However, note that since Gold bottomed three months ago there has been no increase in ETF Holdings. Gold is up $300 since then!

From a sentiment perspective this is positive. 



In TheDailyGold Premium...

How to invest in Gold stocks right now?

Make a list of companies. Do not chase but buy the best values. In addition, buy or add to positions in 15% pullbacks. There will be no 25%-30% corrections yet.

I called buy on four stocks in TDG #814. Two of my favorites have not moved much. One is close to breaking out and has very little downside. Both have 7x to 10x upside potential if Gold goes to $3000.

Also, go for high quality deposits and companies. For TDG #815 this weekend I intend to make a small list of best juniors with the best deposits.

Capital is flowing into these names and I would still prefer these over marginal and optionality plays. If I'm wrong and the sector has a bigger or longer correction than expected, these names will hold up the best.

In TDG #814, I included my top 10 table and assessed the upside potential on each company with a low, medium or high. Four of my top 9 companies have high potential, which I deemed as 6x and higher. 

In TDG #815, I am also planning on my making a top 5 silver stocks list. 

I am ramping up my coverage and offerings quite a bit. Look for more CEO Interviews in TDG Premium. 



Thanks for reading. I wish you all great health and prosperity in 2023.


Disclaimer: This newsletter is intended for informational and educational purposes only and should not be considered personalized and individualized investment advice. Investment in the precious metals sector contains significant risks. You should consult with an investment advisor and do your own due diligence before making any investment decisions. This email may contain certain forward looking statements which are subject to risks, uncertainties and a multitude of factors that can cause results and outcomes to differ materially from those discussed herein.  


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