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Published: Thu, 12/15/22

The Daily Gold
Jordan Roy-Byrne, CMT, MFTA


Thursday, December 15, 2022


Good Morning!

Silver has outperformed Gold as the precious metals sector has emerged from what looks to be a major bottom.

That is atypical as usually Gold leads and Silver picks up when the trend is well established. 

If there is a recession and the S&P breaks to a new low I have a hard time seeing Silver continue to outperform.

But anyway, let's think about the bigger picture in Silver.

Last week I published a video covering the key price levels (which one I think is most important) as well as one key indicator (it is a moving average). 

Click Here for the Video

Speaking of the stock market......

We should be on guard for a bearish reversal over the coming days/weeks. 

In the video below I update where we are as far as the mega-bear market template.

The reality is if a recession is to begin within the next four months, there is severe risk of an accelerated decline in equities. 

Click Here for the Video


Gold has rebounded but until two weeks ago there were no net inflows into Gold funds. I assume those are GLD, IAU and the ETF's.

As you can see the 4-week moving average of flows remained quite negative. 

Good signs considering Gold rebounded from $1623 to nearly $1800 prior to two weeks ago. 



In TheDailyGold Premium...

In TDG #808 we answered quite a few subscriber questions, noted potential support targets, and published updated price targets (buys) for our favorite stocks. 

I suspect that the coming correction or consolidation will be the last chance to buy quality juniors at cheap prices. Once the next leg higher begins these stocks will be up 100% from the bottom.

I've never seen this many people asleep at the wheel, but that is what happens at the start of a new secular bull market.   




Thanks for reading. I wish you all great health and prosperity.


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