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Published: Wed, 08/16/23

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Jordan Roy-Byrne, CMT, MFTA


Wednesday, August 16, 2023


Good Morning!

I wrote about this a few weeks ago and perhaps my follow up editorial was a duplicate. (Also more comments on this later. Scroll down.)

Article: Why Precious Metals Remain in a Funk

Gold's volatility is declining. What does that tell us? Why is that important?

Click Here for Video: Gold Volatility Dip & Significance


Nevada King Gold (sponsor of this free newsletter) discovered oxide mineralization at its Atlanta Mine Gold project in Nevada and has reported numerous, excellent drill hits. They have drilled high-grades over some lengthy widths.

Nevada is the top mining jurisdiction in the world. There have been quite a few takeovers there in recent years and oxide projects are quite valuable.

Nevada King Drills 3.18 g/t Au over 44.2 Meters



In TheDailyGold Premium...

This is part of the executive summary of TDG #843:


The reality is, there still is a secular bull market in equities and there is no more room for Gold to move until that ends or shows evidence of ending. (Because Gold reached multi-decade resistance). Nothing else matters. It’s why legitimate bullish developments (GDX breadth thrust, A/D line positive divergence, etc) keep failing. Its why whenever the charts look their best, they immediately fail.

So the reality is the secular bull market has not started yet. We are still waiting. The mainstream expects a soft landing in 2024. There’s no soft landing. We get a recession or a return of rising inflation. Gold benefits either way. Unfortunately, it’s not imminent, but it’s coming.

I have started to write/update company reports. I intend to bang out a bunch into the fall.

I am taking a deeper look at all companies in order to figure out which ones really have the goods and will be 7 and 10-baggers from the coming bottom, and which ones won't.

In TDG #842, I updated a company report on a small company with loads of potential. It has potential to have two growing mines by the end of 2024. If that comes to pass and Gold breaks out in the next 18 months, then look out. I provided downside buy levels.

I also mentioned a company that could be a watch list company. It has potential for the 'Holy Grail' in junior mining: a producer that invests in and is experiencing exploration success. 

In TDG #843, I updated a company report on our largest position. It won't be a 10-bagger or maybe not even a 3-bagger but it is very well positioned. And it just made a brand new discovery. 

Much more is coming in future updates...


Thanks for reading. I wish you all great health and prosperity in 2023 and beyond.


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