TheDailyGold Free Newsletter: 12/15 Big Update

Published: Sat, 12/15/12

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Saturday, December 15, 2012

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Friday we took a look at a 20-company junior producer index we created. We did this to get another view of the mining shares. I think you'll enjoy the chart.


Company News...

Canaacord believes Argonaut Gold has strong re-rating potential.

Corvus Gold released more mettalurgical results. Quoting COO Carl Brechtel:

The current gold recovery results continue to be very encouraging and fully support process assumptions used in our Mayflower and North Area mining plans. These results continue to enhance the North Bullfrog project and support the significant potential for developing Nevada’s next new gold mine.”



Some great clips here for you....

Here is another video interview of us, conducted by Future Money Trends. This was posted a few days ago but was recorded back in November at the San Francisco Hard Assets conference. Quite a few thoughts there. I think its worth your time to listen. Thanks to Daniel for giving me the opportunity.

This week we interviewed Steven Feldman, a former partner at Goldman Sachs. He co-founded Gold Bullion International, which essentially facilitates the buying/selling of Gold for institutions (i.e. Merrill Lynch, BOA, etc.). Amazingly, he thinks the average institution owns no gold. 13 years into a bull market and no Gold? Wow! Take a listen as you can get the views of a more mainstream and well-connected guest.

John Kaiser spoke with us and gave his well-known and well publicized views on the state of the exploration sector. John is one of the few individuals who provides institutional type analysis for the retail investor. In fact, many institutions subscribe to his work.


Premium Sample...

In the past week we updated a report on a Gold producer which we think could have a huge year if Gold breaks to a new high. It's unknown to the retail audience but tightly held among a group of institutions. This company could more than double its production in the next two years.

Before we update the rest of our company reports we are writing reports on the criteria we look for in producers and exploration companies. The producers report was part of our last update. It contains 8 criteria for evaluating what we call "growth-oriented producers." We also give examples of companies that meet a specific point (of the 8).

Prior to writing this we began work on the criteria for evaluating exploration companies. That will be completed by the end of the weekend. Also, prior to that we sent out a brief update with analysis on the junior producer index and GDX.

This will be a busy month. It's a great time to subscribe (well, honestly is there ever a bad time to subscribe :)) as you'll receive new reports and updated fundamental analysis reports on the company's we follow.

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Argonaut Gold
Corvus Gold Huldra Silver Inc. Balmoral Resources