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Published: Sat, 03/23/13

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Saturday, March 23, 2013
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Posts of the Week...

Editorial: Next US$ Peak is Catalyst for Precious Metals & Hard Assets

Precious Metals & Commodities are showing underlying strength but the strength in the US$ is holding them back. We expect the US$ has more near-term upside. After that, it could be time for hard assets to make their next big move. 

Tiho Brkan: Breadth Divergence in Gold Mining Sector 

If you listen to our interviews you know that Tiho, as a fund manager prefers the metals over the stocks. However, in this post he illustrates why the gold stocks could be at a similar point as the stock was in back in March 2009.  

Sentiment Charts: 4 Sentiment Charts for Gold & Silver
Charts of GLD Holdings, Gold COT & Silver COT

Jim Grant: On CNBC, he mentions Gold Mining stocks
Jim Grant is a contrarian who looks for long-term value. By long-term, think several years and not the several days that concern most investment professionals in today's world. Jim Grant was advising to buy credit after the Lehman collapse. Recall that the credit markets recovered far more quickly than the stock market. He says Fed policy will end badly and gold mining shares are one area of compelling, absolute value.  

Balmoral Reports Resumption of Drilling at Northshore
The only sponsor news this week.

Premium Sample

It was a light week in the markets. We published TDG #298 which looked at the short-term outlook for a number of stocks. We also published reports on the two companies which occupy the largest positions in the model portfolio. Mid-week we sent out an updated report on what happens to be our top pick. It fits everything that we look for and we are highly confident in its success.  

As we told paying subscribers, now is the time to focus on company research. A major bottom may be at hand. In any case we are looking for a rebound into May. Gold & Silver are in great position. Downside is extremely limited. It will just take some time for buyers to come back. The recovery could be slow. We've already put money to work but we still hold enough cash to deploy in the coming weeks or months.  

The top 10 index is shown below. It's in recovery mode but it will certainly form a higher low at somepoint. Will it be soon? Will it be in June? 

To conclude, we remain short-term bullish but don't expect to be "super bullish" until later in the year. Hence, we will continue to update reports on favored companies and write reports on new prospects. Upon signup, new subscribers get all of our recent updates and our reports which includes a 52 page file of reports on 13 companies. Signup now and learn about our absolute favorite companies and our top holdings. 

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Argonaut Gold Corvus Gold
Huldra Silver Inc. Balmoral Resources
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