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Published: Sat, 04/06/13

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Saturday, April 6, 2013
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In this update...

- Links of the Week
- Podcasts
- Company News
- Premium Sample & Commentary

Links of the Week...

Charts to provide perspective for Gold bulls
We provide a few charts which show that there are two precedents for the recent downturn in mining equities. I think you'll enjoy these charts.

An Update on the Silver stocks
This article is a week old but still relevant. Charts of our proprietary index will be updated this weekend for subscribers. 


TDG Current Thoughts on Gold & Silver
We were interviewed on Thursday by Alt Investors Hangout. We discuss the short-term outlook and also provide some thoughts on the outlook for the mining sector in the next five years as well as after the bull market. 

Tiho Brkan: These our the conditions that create great buying opportunities
Tiho Brkan shares his thoughts on the metals and the miners. At the end he mentions the two commodities he is most bullish on. 

Company News...

Huldra Silver Announces Commercial Production
Congrats to Ryan Sharp who has worked very hard to get to this point.   

Balmoral Resources Completes winter Program at Martiniere
The company drilled a total of 13,600 meters and results to date indicate that high grade mineralization can be traced for over 850 meters along the Martiniere West zone. This more than doubles the previously known length of the trend and extends to over 2,000 meters the NE-SW strike extent of the Martiniere system.

Corvus Completes $7.22M Placement
Corvus now has $10M in cash and will receive another $5M in the next two months from the sale of its Terra project. The company appears to be funded through 2014. 

Premium Sample

In the past week we've produced quite a bit of material. On Monday we published a 55-page Macro Report that looked at the current status and outlook for equities, bonds, commodities, gold and gold stocks. After compiling the data, figures, graphs and charts for the report, we've concluded that asset classes are at or nearing key cyclical turning points. And before you call us a perma-bull on Gold or a perma-bear on stocks, let me offer some history of our work. Back in Feb 2011 we argued for caution on commodities. Since then commodities have been in a cyclical bear. In Feb 2009 we predicted the S&P would fall below 700 but then rally to 1000 while Gold would not break $1000 in the coming months. And after Silver hit $49 in 2011 we predicted it would fall to $33.  

These links are not to take a victory lap (we've made bad calls too) but to show that we can see things both ways. I'm quite confident that 2013 will mark a turning point and that commodities and specifically precious metals will begin a new cyclical bull while US equities enter a mild cyclical bear market. 

Moving along, in TDG #300 and 301 (published this week) we analyzed and covered (among many things):

-Why Bonds have medium term upside
-The emergence of more cracks in the S&P 500
-Near-term outlook for the US$ 
-Where the strongest support is for Gold
-Why there is a possibility of a bear trap if Gold breaks support
-Parallels between the big corrections in the 1960-1980 gold stock bull and todays bull 

We also sold a few recently acquired small positions (for a small loss). That is one important lesson. It's never a bad time to sell. You can always get back in the next day, week or month. That being said, the model portfolio has over 40% cash and we intend to use it in the coming days and weeks. 

If you become a subscriber you'll receive all of our major reports and recent updates as well as everything we do going forward. We've designed our service to be the best gold & silver focused service available and we owe that to our subscribers. It's an honor to work for our subscribers. 

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Argonaut Gold Corvus Gold
Huldra Silver Inc. Balmoral Resources
Bear Creek Mining