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Published: Tue, 04/18/17

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April 2017

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Welcome! - Taylor Tagg
Giving Myself Away Part II
Special Article by Taylor Tagg

Of all the lessons I've learned in life, one of the most healing was giving away what I no longer needed mentally, emotionally, and physically.

In doing so, I discovered what was lying underneath, my true nature.

It was a space where I could purely choose who I wanted to be. I chose love, kindness, compassion, and forgiveness.

- Taylor Tagg


The Moment of Decision and How Forgiveness Played a Part

There was no doubt what I needed to to do. It was apparent the Chhim family was not finding favor with others to help donate a kidney. Something in me said, “its time for you to step up Taylor.” 
So, I called the Westchester Medical Center back and told them I would be willing to donate my kidney to Tony. A lot of testing needed to be done to make sure it was a go, but I committed right then and there to helping a friend in need. For me, no matter what happened from that point forward, there was no turning back.
There was no doubt what I needed to do. 

It was apparent the Chhim family was not finding favor with others to help donate a kidney. Something in me said, “it's time for you to step up Taylor.” 

All of the forgiveness work I've done and helped others with gave me the courage to let go to the flow of this kidney donation process. If I could help myself and others let go of very painful emotional resentments, surely I could let go of a physical kidney to help save a life. 

So, I called the Westchester Medical Center back and told them I would be willing to donate my kidney to Tony. A lot of testing needed to be done to make sure it was a go, but I committed right then and there to helping a friend in need, even if he I hadn't met him yet.  

For me, no matter what happened from that point forward, there was no turning back.

I called Tim and told him the good news. He was silent for a few seconds. I guess he was shocked and needed to make sure it was really happening. Then he burst out in joy and thanks.

A few minutes later, his wife Kim called me on the phone in tears, elated that her son would finally receive the help he needed.

I was taken by surprise too. A lot of praise and thanks was heaped on me in a short amount of time and I wasn’t even approved to donate the kidney yet.

I felt uncomfortable. What if something went wrong and the donation didn’t happen? I had to remind myself to stay grounded. It was important to open my heart to receive the thanks coming my way, but I needed to remain centered to remember why I was doing this. A son needed help to live. 

As the detailed donation testing commenced, momentum kept rolling.

All of my MRIs, Cat Scans, and blood work came back looking great. At 45 years old, I was glad to discover I was completely healthy. I thought this was going to go so well, that I tentatively told Westchester Medical that I would like to donate my kidney within a month.

As my case went up for final review at the monthly hospital board meeting, it was apparent that I was a great candidate. The kidney surgeon wanted to see one more thing before signing off, an MRI of my prostate given that my PSA number was slightly elevated for my age.

So, I scheduled a test with a local urologist and he became immediately concerned about my elevated PSA number. So much so, he wanted to biopsy my prostate first without looking at it as an image.

This was contrary to what the kidney surgeon ordered. It immediately put me in an uncompromising position of having to tell someone no. 

I decided I had committed to the kidney surgeon first. I was all in with him or nothing. I told the urologist to please order the MRI first, but he refused. 

What the heck?

I didn’t know how to proceed at that point. Everything had gone so well and so smooth up to that point. It reminded me that a little adversity was par for the course. Of course!

How could Tim, Tony, and I go through this procedure and not have some adversity? Tim, Tom Cunningham, and I wrote Adversity to Advantage to help work through overcoming adversity for goodness sakes! I laughed at that thought and went on my way.

Difficulties, though, continued to bog the situation down. I got the MRI scheduled on my own through a friend and went in for the test. I had taken my clothes off and was sitting in a gown right in front of the machine when a technician burst in the room and said, “this is the wrong MRI machine. You need another one.”

“What?,” I muttered. “The wrong MRI machine? What’s the difference? Aren’t they all the same?”

I didn’t know but I was more confused than ever. I thought, “are we ever going to get this test done? Will I ever be cleared to give my kidney?”

I’ll be honest. It seemed like a long way off. 

Weeks had passed trying to get this MRI image done and the process had bogged completely down in neutral. Still, I reminded myself that this was on God’s time and not mine. All would be well. All was well in that moment.

Well lo and behold, soon after I got home from the almost MRI, the urologist called and said he had changed his mind, that he was willing to order the MRI for me.

Yes! Finally, some help and synergy! I pointed up to acknowledge the heavenly intervention.

Just a few days after that, I had the correct MRI test run. 

The results were good. My prostate was healthy and normal. No more tests needed to be done. I was free to schedule the kidney donation on my own schedule. 

The coast was finally clear. 

However, one thing stood out to me. 

The time had come for me to truly step up for my friend Tim and his son Tony.

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Time Drawing Near and A Battle With Fear

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