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Published: Wed, 03/08/17

Life Gets 

March 2017

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Welcome! - Taylor Tagg
Giving Myself Away
Special Article by Taylor Tagg

Of all the lessons I've learned in life, one of the most healing was giving away what I no longer needed mentally, emotionally, and physically.

In doing so, I discovered what was lying underneath, my true nature.

It was a space where I could purely choose who I wanted to be. I chose love, kindness, compassion, and forgiveness.

- Taylor Tagg

A Moment of Decision

Life has a way of bringing us a big dot surprise every now and then, a shocker that has you wondering what in the world just happened! The question is what do we do with those surprises? Do we explore the beauty of the horizon ahead for what it can teach us or do we stagnate in fear waiting to be rescued?

Just two months ago, I was be-bopping along in my routine. What I didn't know was that a significant call to action was waiting for me around the corner. My friend and co-author of Adversity to Advantage Tim Chhim posted a heartfelt plea on Facebook asking for O blood types to test for a potential kidney match for his son Tony.

I am O+.

Tony has been on dialysis for the better part of 5 years, waiting for another kidney after one from his mother Kim failed. I contacted Tim to ask how I could help. I could tell that Tim's plea was one of concern and desperation.

He and his family had been searching for a kidney for Tony for several years and nothing had surfaced. Tony's health was in decline. I thought, "Well I'll do my duty here and that will be that." 

But as I received the blood kit in the mail, a little voice inside said, "You will be a match." I thought, "Ok nice try little voice but I'm just helping my friend here. I'm doing what a courageous person would do and getting tested, but I'm really going to be a match?" I chuckled at the thought. 

Just 10 months earlier, Tim and several other Napoleon Hill Leadership Instructors traveled to Cambodia to bring the 17 Science of Success Principles to the Cambodian people. It was a wonderful journey full of hope, anticipation, and sharing. Part of the trip was set aside for Tim and his family to search for a kidney donor. 

I got sick the second day in Cambodia and spent most of my trip trying to recover. Tim and his wife Kim traveled the countryside seeing family and friends, asking for help for their son.

Their journey of hope was off my radar at that time. I was concerned about getting home in one piece. After a thorough search, Tim's quest for a donor turned up no good leads. 

So a few months later, Tim turned his focus to Facebook. He passionately posted his desire to find a kidney for his son (complete with pictures of Tony as a little boy). Something in Tim let caution to the wind go free. He needed something positive to happen now. His only son was in decline and he was ready to go to any legal means possible to help. 

Something awoke in my heart for Tim and Tony when I first read his Facebook post. I thought about Father and Son unable to have moments together any longer.

That thought hurt.

I hadn't met Tony, but it's easy to visualize what the relationship would be like. I had to act. I responded quickly and the transplant center sent me the blood test within a matter of days.

Something kept hinting within, "You will be a match. You will be a match." I kept my beliefs open and lo and behold, a couple of weeks later, the Westchester Medical Center in New York called and asked, "How do you feel about donating your kidney?"

I'll admit, it was a moment of intense fear that I could give up a part of my body and intense love that I could bless another person with it.  

"Oh Lord God Almighty, am I really going to donate my kidney? Who else would help Tony if I didn't?"

I struggled with this tug of war for a few moments, and then I made up my mind and heart right where I stood.

Coming in April

The Decision and How Forgiveness Played a Part

The Secret to Peace
Get quiet for a few moments today and find the peace that lies on the inside. Feeling that and sharing it with others spreads it far and wide. This is how peace comes into the world on a large scale.

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