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Published: Tue, 08/17/21

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The Anne Report brings you up to date on Anne’s latest activities. The Main Article, What Am I Doing With My 50 Feet?, explains the importance of our stewardship of the space around us. Today’s Anne Talk is Love Away the Struggle. Watch this short video to learn Anne’s simple way to eliminate suffering. Click to see Anne’s Art. Today’s Dr. Money Talk is Guest Ed Biagiotti from "Funniest Thing". Watch to learn how Ed enhanced his prosperity magnet. Click to see the Quotes, Quips, & Thoughts. The Featured Product This Month highlights Anne’s fourth book, Words Make a Difference. Click to learn about EZosophy. Click to learn about Anne’s Abundance Affirmations. Click for Shareables From Anne. Click to learn about Anne’s Schedule. Click to Schedule Anne. Click to learn about Anne’s Services.

Anne’s 8 Word Miracle Mantra: “Everything can be EZ or at least EZier.  Anne Sermons Gillis

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Living EZosophy, August 17, 2021
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  The Anne Report

The Anne Report

Dear ,

Sunday, I heard a talk on right and wrong as a form of violence. We all know this game. Whether it is about being right regarding what was previously said, or what ideology is correct, we have all dipped our foot in the sea of rigid righteousness and angry righteousness. The speaker, Rev. Ed Kosak, shared his theories about how to stem this behavior. One simple, but profound, remedy is the art of deep listening. He provided compelling examples of how listening had changed lives. One such example featured Daryl Davis. Davis turned around 200 white nationalists, by listening to them. “It all comes down to having civil discourse, and a willingness to listen to one another,” said Davis. “There are many different ways to fight (racism). There’s no one way solve the whole problem. What I do is not gonna solve all of it, what somebody else does is not gonna solve all of it, but what will solve all of it is different people and groups working together.”

For ten years, I taught a university level human resources class to minority students entering the engineering field. There was always a class on better communication. For one exercise I paired two students and had a listener and a speaker. I gave them directions on how to listen and let them go. When I asked for feedback, the response from one student choked me up. This young African American man was larger than most. He did not look like one who could be vulnerable. He looked like a football player. But false impressions aside, anyone who heard him speak that day had the privilege of looking into his heart. He was visibly touched. His face was illuminated. “No one has ever really listened to me. I cannot believe how I feel. Someone really listened.” He was on the verge of tears. His presence had been lost in the busyness of daily life, and this one act propelled him onto center stage for the first time. We all deserve to be center stage when we are speaking.

My week was full. I presented a Zoom talk on intuition, went to the beach, had a hawk fly directly toward me, what a trip, and maintained my very simple life. Maintaining life seems to be my biggest job. Whether it is meditating, exercising, cooking healthy meals, or writing, my life brims every day. Yes, my cup runneth over, and I often have to run to catch it! And that’s it for the Anne Report.

  Main Article

What Am I Doing With My 50 Feet?

I am the principal owner of my body and my beliefs. My body is my most valuable possession. Am I a harsh ruler or a benevolent one? Why does it matter? It matters to my body. When I drive the body relentlessly and speak ill of it and criticize what it does, the DNA in my body reacts. It moves in the direction of disease. When we experience genuine gratitude, compassion, or love, the DNA relaxes, as it would when it replicates. When relaxed, the DNA is in a healing mode.

Once upon a time, a woman was dying. Though she might be exiting her body, she planned to spend the remainder of her life learning to love her body. She created a daily routine where she looked in the mirror and told each part of her body that she loved it. She heaped appreciation on her body and made peace with herself, but rather than dying, as she expected, she lived. She thrived. She got well. Was it a miracle or a case of interactive healing?

Not only do we influence our bodies with our thoughts and emotions; our hearts also have an energetic field that connects with and influences others.

The following excerpt is from my book, Standing in the Dark.

Does emotion influence its surroundings? And if so, how far does the emotional influence reach? Luther Burbank hooked up plants to a Galvanic Skin Response device (a GSR device monitors and records emotions) and found that plants have emotions too, and they respond to human emotions. When plants were threatened, they had violent reactions. He spoke loving words to a cactus over a period of time. The cactus eventually dropped its needles.

When you are angry, you influence your surroundings. Emotions are like an illness; they are catching. Not only humans catch our emotions; the plants and space around us catch our emotional outpouring. In 1995, the HeartMath Institute ( conducted an experiment to measure the distance human emotions could travel and still affect the surroundings. Participants sat in nature. Probes were connected to the subjects and to trees, rocks, the ground, and plants. Results showed that intense emotions affected everything within a 50-foot radius. In other words, the monitor could detect changes in the plants as far as 50 feet from the subjects. The plants, trees, rocks, and ground not only reacted; they reacted with different frequencies to anger and rage than to those of love and compassion.1

How impressive! When I stand and turn around in a circle and look out, I can see my 50 feet. From any point I look, I affect a distance of at least 50 feet. It’s a gift. I started thinking about my 50 feet. I have a 50-foot kingdom to take care of. I can either bless or curse this space. So, I started asking myself this question, “What am I doing with my 50-feet?” It’s amazing how large that can be – it’s really 100 feet in diameter. A lot of people can fit in my 50-foot space. I started taking care of the people in my 50 feet, by feeling love, compassion, or empathy for them. I give the gift of presence and make my 50 feet a warm and cozy oasis. When my mind goes on that wild ride, whether I’m alone or with someone, I remind myself that I don’t want to pollute my 50 feet. I want an energetically clean and clear space.

It’s a well-known mystical belief that when two or more gather and ask, it is done. People believe that when two people get together in mind or prayer, the cumulative effect is exponential. Two people joined intently in healing affect 50 times 50, or a 2,500-foot radius. Okay, I don’t know who figured that out, but I love thinking it's true. Maybe the idea is only hyperbole, but surely the power of two, three, or four is more powerful than the sum of its parts.

Joining in consciousness can alter any situation. Many call that joining prayer, and who could argue with the idea that prayer can have amazing effects. Now is the time for us to use our collective influence to bring peace to the planet, to create world-wide abundance and health, and to bring about planetary sustainability. It’s time to lead, as the embodiment of joy, ease, freedom, and love.

Recently I was in Whole Foods. I connected to the cashier, and when I left, I put my hand on the man who packed my groceries. I could feel the space and it was good. I was in their 50 feet, and they were in mine. My friend who was with me asked, “What were you doing?” I responded impishly, “I was taking care of my 50 feet.” Think about being at a concert with seats filled to capacity, a parade, a traffic jam – new people, new kingdoms.

What a gift and a responsibility. We have a 50-foot kingdom that goes wherever we go. Our sphere of influence reaches thousands. The idea of keeping our 50 feet clean gives us an immediate mission. What kind of energetic rulers do we want to be? Do we rule unconsciously or consciously? Let’s learn to be benevolent rulers and remember to keep asking, “What am I doing with my 50 feet?”

1 You might find the following video on singing plants interesting. After being around music, the plants could then make tones.

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Love Away the Struggle

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Today’s Dr. Money Talk is Guest Ed Biagiotti from "Funniest Thing". Watch to learn how Ed enhanced his prosperity magnet. 19:59

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