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Published: Tue, 08/24/21

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The Anne Report brings you up to date on Anne’s latest activities. The Main Article, Secret Success, explains how we sometimes celebrate other’s successes while overlooking our own. Today’s Anne Talk is Approaching future events. What can we add to the collective field of consciousness? Watch Anne’s video to learn how we can influence what’s happening in our world. Click to see Anne’s Art. Today’s Dr. Money Talk is Make A Joyful Noise. Anne gives another slant on Psalm 100. Click to see the Quotes, Quips, & Thoughts. The Featured Product This Month highlights Anne’s fourth book, Words Make a Difference. Click to learn about EZosophy. Click to learn about Anne’s Abundance Affirmations. Click for Shareables From Anne. Click to learn about Anne’s Schedule. Click to Schedule Anne. Click to learn about Anne’s Services.

Anne’s 8 Word Miracle Mantra: “Everything can be EZ or at least EZier.  Anne Sermons Gillis

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Living EZosophy, August 24, 2021
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  The Anne Report

The Anne Report

Dear ,

I am binge watching a delightful, yet off the charts silly, TV series. Binge watching is a relatively new sport. Yet, these days, with the streaming services offering a full series of old television shows, it is easier than ever to want that next episode that gets us off the wildest of cliffhangers. The show is Jane the Virgin. Jane, who as saving her virginity for marriage, is accidentally artificially inseminated. She has a son; however, she is still a virgin. On her wedding night, her husband is shot and undergoes a long recovery. Now she is a married mother, and still a virgin. There are songs, cartoons, puppets, and many creative elements in this funny soap opera that features telenovelas.

Entering this fantasy world might be offbeat for the spiritual seeker, although when I see what other people read, listen to, and watch, I feel better about my choices. The world of politics is full of mayhem, conspiracy theories, and questionable information. Too many older people live in politics. Much of today’s news is not news. It is opinions about some things that happened and opinions on things that did not happen, as if they had happened. Fox News started the trend by offering gossip and opinions, rather than news, and our major news outlets have followed. Tucker Carlson and Rachael Maddow both recently got off from defamation charges by pleading that the information they gave was so ridiculous, no one could actually believe it. Two sides of the political spectrum, both claiming innocence because they were not peddling real news, just exaggerated opinions. The media loves to get everyone riled up, and it seems as if angry righteousness and the everyone else is drinking the Kool-Aid consciousness prevails in certain circles. The word “sheeple” takes a place of honor in society’s contemporary lexicon. So, if others can listen to the news, which is fantasy studded, then I can watch Jane the Virgin, with full immunity. I don’t think there is a purity test for the spiritual seeker. And, though you might hope for some rich content in the Anne Report, all I can say, in the immortal words of Looney Tunes, is “That’s all, Folks.”

  Main Article

Secret Success

I used to wonder how my friend could afford to travel. She was the minister of a small congregation, as was I, but somehow, she managed to travel extensively. “I wish I could do that,” I often thought. One day I was astonished, yet amused, when she asked, “How do you manage to travel so much?” I laughed and told her I wanted to know the same thing about her. We knew the answer – we accomplished the impossible through burning desire, intention, and a wing and a prayer. It was easy to see her success, but not so easy for me to see my accomplishments. My success was a secret, but only to me.

Years ago, I admired a woman and wanted her to be more than a casual acquaintance. She had an acting background and lived in an upscale section of town. She was beautiful, prosperous, creative, and gentle. She was the epitome of grace and style. I was in awe of her. I reached out on more than one occasion, but we never connected. Years later, we were in a workshop that required intimate sharing. I told her how I admired her and had reached out to her in the past. Immediately she replied, “I’m sure I was too intimidated. You were such a powerful woman, so together. I had very low self-esteem then.”

Both stories represent or illustrate a lack consciousness - the inability to see and appreciate the here-and-now. My life was a secret success, maybe not to most people, but it was a secret to me.

When I was in my 20’s and 30’s, I was morose about climate change. I grieved as I walked in my neighborhood and witnessed species habitat destruction, ponds plowed under to make way for homes, while other places were flooded to make way for groundwater holding tanks (lakes are often created to be a city’s or county’s water supply). The world was upside down. The environment was being destroyed and, regardless of what I did, things were getting worse. I couldn’t do enough to stop the plundering of Mother Earth. Fortuitously, I had a dark night of the soul moment. I hit a wall, but it was a climbing wall, and I climbed over it. I realized that even though species were going extinct and that our water and air quality were threatened, I was okay. I had food, clean water, safe shelter, and a career I loved. My good life was hidden beneath my distress. Again, I lived with a secret success: I had what I wanted in life, but my fretting kept my heart covered with artificial trouble – trouble that had not arrived in my life. I emerged knowing what I had to do: I needed to honor what was, rather than stay focused on the possibility of the destruction of my way of life. It was a colossal waste not to enjoy and appreciate what I had now. I could recycle, use less water, take my bags to the grocery store, and ride my bicycle, but I didn't need to live in fear or depression over some possible catastrophe in the future.

Do you suffer from secret success?  What are you upset about that may or may not happen in the future? Is the danger you fear in the future? Are you wasting your grace on the future?

Life deserves an appreciation that extends to every area of our existence. When we are riveted on an apocalyptic scenario, we ruin today. This is not a positive thinking or a Pollyanna optimistic way to look at life; it’s just a practical way not to drive ourselves crazy. But if we add a little Pollyanna on top, we can be sane and happy.

It’s easy to look at someone’s life and see how much better it is than ours, or to look at the future and worry about finances, political drama, climate change, and health issues, but it’s also blasphemous. We live in sacred surroundings, and to ignore this is to squander the great gift of life. Apprehension and supposition keep our success a secret, and what good is secret success? Let’s use each day as a passageway to the greatness of our individual lives and be open to the light of appreciation and awareness, because when we do, everything is EZier and EZier.

  Quotes, Quips, & Thoughts

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  Featured Product This Month

Click this image to learn about Anne's new book, Words Make A Difference.

Finally, a book of affirmations, action plans, and deep insights into the human consciousness that transforms and heals the soul, the local and global community, and the planet. Travel with Gillis on a journey through deep psychology, metaphysics, and nondualism.

“Books are waiting to be written. Thus, it was my privilege to bring this book to the world. It brought with it such grace and love. Words Make a Difference sparkles with aliveness and blessing and delivers the perfect information under perfect timing. We are called not only to heal ourselves and those around us, we are destined to hold a vision for the world. This book commands us to be architects of a brave new future and lights a path for us to follow.” Anne Sermons Gillis

Order Words Make a Difference from the website or call me at 713.922.0242 to order directly from me. The price is $16.95 plus $3.99 shipping, for a total of $20.94.

Click for the Kindle version on Amazon for $5.99.

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  Anne Talk

Approaching future events. What can we add to the collective field of consciousness?

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Today’s Anne Talk is Approaching future events. What can we add to the collective field of consciousness? Watch Anne’s video to learn how we can influence what’s happening in our world. Time: 4:11

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  Anne’s Art

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  Dr. Money Talk

Make A Joyful Noise

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Today’s Dr. Money Talk is Make A Joyful Noise. Anne shares an easy way to inject more joy into your life. 3:48

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  Abundance Affirmations

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This group is a place to post uplifting affirmations and thoughts about prosperity and abundant living. Let’s create a right relationship with money so that we feel comfortable about money. Let’s use money as it’s meant to be used, and not as a way to accumulate power or to fill a void. We don’t need money to buy more stuff. We need it to create a world that works for everyone. We want to cast off old beliefs of lack and reclaim our natural state of abundance. Anne, AKA Dr. Money, posts a nightly goodnight video for the prosperity team, and everyone who watches those videos becomes a part of the prosperity team.

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Friday, August 20, 2021
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Wednesday, September 22, 2021
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Wednesday, October 13, 2021
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I do not yet have the link for the last two meetings, so contact me if you are interested in attending either or both Zoom meetings. Anne.
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