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Published: Tue, 01/03/12

Living in EZ:  a Newsletter for your Body, Mind, and Spirit

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The EZ Secret:
The Eziest and Most Effective Diet on the Planet
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Diet Tip for the Body
Diet Tip for the Mind
Diet Tip for the Spirit

Volume 3
 Anne Sermons Gillis
Diet Tip for the Body- eat More Fiber
Eating poorly affects the mind. Lots of sugar and spice do not make everything nice.
  • Avoid overdosing on sugar over the holidays.
  • Our brains have delicate balance and sugar is a drug that mucks around with our mind, especially when we come down from eating it - when it's leaving our system.
  • A little of anything is okay, flexibility sure, but the more refined foods we eat, the more difficult it is to have a peaceful mind.
Diet Tip for the Mind
This year make your reactions to chores, work, people, and circumstances different. Check to see how often you suffer, when you don't have too. You can fight for your right to suffer, but you can make a mistake, have a delay, be unable to make something happen and just not suffer about it. We are not perfect; it is time to stop suffering about our fallibility.
We are addicted to suffering about inconsequential things. We love to suffer. Do you want to make your life easier? Can you give up the part of your identity that suffers? We identify with our problems, but we are not our problems.  Let go. Make it an easier year. Do not glorify suffer. It's not worth it.
Diet for the Spirit
Living in ease is about as spiritual as it gets. There is an always present flow that comes when we let go of our need to control, be right and to suffer.

The first step in living an easier life is trust.  Trust is the foundation for all our relationships. So what does trust look like in action?

·         Trust knows there is a guidance system moving through all things, especially your own lives, and the belief that this force is benevolent.

·         Trust is the faith that life is an open love affair and not a dead end experience.

·         Trust is being willing to sit still and remain silent without trying to run your friend's, families' and your acquaintances lives.

·         Trust is also being willing to jump in full throttle knowing the universe will stand behind you in your outrageous passion providing resources, support, ideas and chance encounters that bring your contributions into full expression.

·         Trust is being able to let go of the personal mind and its chatter because we know there is a greater mind that can run the universe with ease.

·         Trust involves looking beyond circumstances and appearances into the very center of well-being.

·         Trust insures a relaxed body: when one trusts, the need to control dissipates, leaving the body supple and calm.

·         Trust releases us from feelings of urgency.

·         Trust creates feelings of belonging.

Even though we cannot trust our behaviors to be perfect or to always be congruent, we can trust that who we are is perfect, consistent and congruent.

The following affirmations are offered to help you develop your ability to trust. If the affirmations seem too far- fetched or out of reach for you, then add a qualifier. A qualifier makes the affirmation something you can believe. For example, if the affirmation is "I can trust." And that does not feel right for you, add a qualifier "I am beginning to believe it may be safe to trust ." "It's safe to" is a master qualifier. You can add it to any affirmation to make it more believable. "It is safe to trust." When I hear the affirmation, "I can trust.", it still is not right for me. I have to add more. My best take on that idea or my highest thought about trust would be. "I can trust that which is trustworthy."
Affirmations are supposed to be soul-soothing words, but it's really up to us to put the idea or intent behind the affirmation and to develop a form that works for us.

I trust myself to love and cherish me.

I trust me to do the best for me.

I trust myself to be realistic about my shortcomings.

I meet more and more trustworthy people.

I am willing to meet more and more trustworthy people.

I trust myself to be more realistic about my short-comings.

I trust the universal pattern of well-being knowing that the plan for my good resounds in my life and in my affairs.

Trusting life does not mean being stupid. Do not leave money on the dash of your unlocked car. The universe does not condone stupidity. We need to continue to act with responsible well-informed choices.  Until we can trust ourselves we do not have the ability to distinguish between what we can and cannot trust. You must, you must, develop your trust. Trust me on that!

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