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Published: Tue, 12/20/11

Living in EZ:  a Newsletter for your Body, Mind, and Spirit

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The EZ Secret:
The Eziest and Most Effective Diet on the Planet
In This Issue...
Diet Tip for the Body
Diet Tip for the Mind
Diet Tip for the Spirit
Diet Tip For the Holidays


 Anne Sermons Gillis
Diet Tip for the Body
"Eat your greens." It's thought that our ancient ancestors may have eaten over six pounds of green leafy vegetables a day. Most people cannot even eat the 3 cups a week recommended by health professionals.
So go green in your diet. Try eating sprouts in your salad. Try some green juices. They are like songs to the cells.
EZ Green Drink
  • Take a handful of organic greens such as lettuce, sprouts and parsley. Place in blender.
  • Add 2/3 cup filtered water. Blend
  • Add one medium organic apple. Leave peeling but take out the core and seeds.
  • Add a teaspoon of powered spirulina. (Optional, but I think it makes me feel good. You can buy this online or at a whole foods store.)
  • Blend then drink away.
This drink is an elixir to the cells. It's a toxic waste vacuum cleaner for the body. Watch out for your green mustache! I have one when I drink green.
Diet Tip for the Mind
Eating poorly affects the mind. Lots of sugar and spice do not make everything nice.
  • Avoid overdosing on sugar over the holidays.
  • Our brains have delicate balance and sugar is a drug that mucks around with our mind, especially when we come down from eating it - when it's leaving our system.
  • A little of anything is okay, flexibility sure, but the more refined foods we eat, the more difficult it is to have a peaceful mind.

Diet for the Spirit

Know someone who gets your goat? Watch how you feel when you think of this person, whether you are angry or irritated when you think of this person or if you feel sad because they don't seem to notice or appreciate you. Here's an idea on healing your thoughts and feelings in regards to that person.
  • Get a votive candle and a picture of that person and put it in a private place.
  • Take the candle and picture out each day and think good thoughts about that person for five minutes.
  • See if you can feel what it's like to be them. Send blessings to them and their family. Put away the candle and picture until the next day or leave the candle burning during the day if you are present. Do not leave a candle unattended. This practice helps erode inner conflicts, invokes compassion and makes you feel better. This is really active forgiveness. Each person that we hold a grievance or upset with is a reminder of something inside that needs some light.
Holiday Tip
Don't be a Harried Angel This Year
Hark the harried angel sings
Two more days and I'll have wings.
If I'm good and help you out.
I'll get wings without a doubt.
If I'm nice and do not fuss
If I help clean up the dust
If I make my presence bright
I'll be one of God's true lights.
Hark the Harried angel sings.
Two more days and I'll have wings.
Hark the harried angel sings
I'm so tired of doing things
I'm so tired of being good
I am tired of all those shoulds
I just want to take a rest
I just want to be the guest.
I am tired of all this stuff.
I am feeling mighty rough.
Hark the harried angel sings.
Two more days and I'll have wings
Hark the Happy Angel sings
I'm retired from doing things.
I gave up my heavenly chores
It won't be hard any  more.
I gave up being nice.
I gave up the heavy price.
No more sacrifice for me.
I am feeling very free.
Hark the Happy Angel sings,
Now I have my holy wings.
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