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Published: Mon, 12/26/11

Living in EZ:  a Newsletter for your Body, Mind, and Spirit

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The EZ Secret:
The Eziest and Most Effective Diet on the Planet
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Diet Tip for the Body
Diet Tip for the Mind
Diet Tip for the Spirit


 Anne Sermons Gillis
Diet Tip for the Body

Winter walking - If you can't walk outside, try walking around inside your home in a small circle. I walk from the kitchen, through my office, the living room, dining room and return to kitchen. Put on some peppy music and walk in step with the beat. If you don't have a place to walk in a circle, walk in a small space. Step forward one step, return to center, step back one step, return to center, step to one side, return to center, step to other side, and return to center. Don't let bad weather stop you from your daily walks. What no daily walks? Could it be time to start. New Year new beginnings. Fifteen minutes of walking after a meal reeves up your calorie burning ability for two hours.

Okay you can't walk - foot problems, wheel chair bound. No excuses, you still need to exercise. Find something you can do and do it. Don't do it to be good. Do it to feel better in your body. Consider this a motivating call direct from your body through me.
There's always something we can do to improve our health regardless of our physical condition.

Diet Tip for the Mind

Control - it's the ego's triumph. Control is the illusion that the mind can fix things.

The ego has about four stories that hold's one's life together.

·         You're not enough - there's not enough.

·         You are essentially wrong and you are always doing the wrong thing.

·         You are not wanted, you don't belong.

·         You don't belong because you are different wrong, weird.

Until one can let go of those beliefs, it will be impossible to experience reality directly.

Diet for the Spirit
Learn to be comfortable with a quiet mind. Try journaling or doodling. Practice listening to people without waiting for a break in the conversation so you can speak. You don't have to do that all the time, just a few times for practice.
Learning to keep the mind quieter, helps wean it from suffering and drama. Drama is the fix the mind uses to escape reality. Don't hurry, scurry and worry. Reality is always better than the spin we put on it because truth is better than a lie. Without the mind getting in there and putting in its filters, life is sweet. Perceptions vary, but life is good all the time. If this doesn't seem believable to you it is because you have not had the privilege of directly experiencing life. Keeping the mind quieter gives reality a chance to pop through. The source dwells in reality.

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