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celebrate your love this month!

Published: Fri, 02/07/20

Valentine's Day 2020 Hi You haven't heard from us for a long time, but we wanted to reconnect with you and let you know of a special offer happening…

Making true intimacy possible!

Published: Mon, 10/15/18

Increasing Se ual Intimacy Hi The first of a two-part series, this video deals with perhaps the single greatest barrier to se ual intimacy: inner…

how do you handle conflict in your marriage?

Published: Wed, 10/03/18

INCREASING EMOTIONAL INTIMACY Hi Increasing the romance in your marriage is such an important thing to do! Unfortunately, conflict is generally seen…

Why is romance important in a marriage?

Published: Mon, 09/10/18

EMOTIONAL INTIMACY Hi Emotional intimacy is ‘the soulmate connection’, ‘love at first sight’, etc. It is romance, a deep emotional bond between a…

Intimacy grows when we do this!

Published: Mon, 09/03/18

INTELLECTUAL INTIMACY Hi It’s amazing to us how many people, when asked about what attracted them to their spouse, will say something like “They…

This is so important in a marriage!

Published: Tue, 08/14/18

SEXUAL INTIMACY Hi Se is super important to a marriage! In fact, we believe that without a healthy se life, a marriage can never reach the heights God…

you can have a dream marriage!

Published: Fri, 08/10/18

BUILDING A DREAM MARRIAGE Hi Do you have your dream marriage? Many of the couples we talk to are doubtful that a dream marriage is achievable. In this…

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