Pet Tips 'n' Tales newspaper articles celebrates pets with their tales and tips on how to take care of them.

Drats! The end of Pet Tips and Tales???

Published: Sat, 01/27/24

Pet Tips 'n' Tales Drats! Dear Pet Friends, News from the system that mails out the Angel Scribes. "February 01, 2024, Google, Yahoo and…

Mystery Solved!

Published: Sat, 01/06/24

Pet Tips 'n' Tales Shasta's Mystery Solved! (Art by international Me ican artist, Maria Elena.) Cats Not Using Litter Bo ?! Interesting coincidence!…

Tasty Treats! Funny!

Published: Thu, 12/21/23

Pet Tips 'n' Tales Christmas baking pan with a sweet treat, Mr. Fluffington! Tasty Treats! Every morning, I drink bone broth for its health benefits.

‘Holden’ On To A Christmas Miracle!

Published: Mon, 12/18/23

Pet Tips 'n' Tales Heritage photo of Mary Ellen and Myster E. wishing you a healthy holiday and a New Year filled with JOY. ‘Holden’ On To A Christmas…

1,000 Mile Miracle Rescue *Kleenex Warning*

Published: Mon, 12/04/23

Pet Tips 'n' Tales Angela and her pet, Andy, a1,800-pound Angus steer with a story fit for Ripley's 'Believe It or Not!' 1,000 Mile Miracle Rescue…

World's Tallest Cow!

Published: Mon, 11/20/23

Pet Tips 'n' Tales Romeo, Worlds’ Tallest Cow! World's Tallest Cow! Misty Moore was born passionate about animals, so in 2016 she opened Welcome Home…

Bunnies Verses Bear!

Published: Mon, 11/06/23

Pet Tips 'n' Tales Sharon's house rabbits, Kanga and Bunce’s, actions announced the bear in their home. Bunnies Verses Bear! Sharon’s rescued bunnies,…

BOO Kitty!

Published: Mon, 10/23/23

Pet Tips 'n' Tales Atira and Missy Mystic’s love Halloween so they can play dress up. BOO! International mystic Atira was born with the gift of second…

Walking 'Bud’leys

Published: Mon, 10/16/23

Pet Tips 'n' Tales Angel Scribe’s walking buddies, Tony and his seven-year-old best friend, Budley. Walking 'Bud’leys! When moving and you have no one…

Brotherly Love - Fur Family in Israel

Published: Mon, 10/09/23

Pet Tips 'n' Tales Carol and one of her rescues who thinks he is a parrot! Brotherly Love - Fur Family in Israel! Carol, in Israel, is a Pet Tips and…

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