Pet Tips 'n' Tales newspaper articles celebrates pets with their tales and tips on how to take care of them.

Mighty Flynn's Fast Recovery!

Published: Mon, 05/23/22

Pet Tips 'n' Tales Mighty Flynn's Fast Recovery! In 2020, the year famous for ‘OH. OH’s’, Keeli’s cat, Flynn, began limping. A trip to the…

Prison ‘Soup’

Published: Mon, 05/16/22

Pet Tips 'n' Tales Leigh’s dog, Soup, is famous for breaking ‘into’ prison! Prison 'Soup'! Most dogs that do something ‘bad’ lower their heads and…

A Pig's Tale!

Published: Mon, 05/09/22

Pet Tips 'n' Tales Michelle’s pig Arbutis (BOOTS) was the talk of the town. This photo is deceiving, Boots is not that long. Hiding behind Michelle is…

Healing Power of Pets

Published: Mon, 05/02/22

Pet Tips 'n' Tales Austin transforms from a terrified puppy to an incredible healer. Healing Power of Pets! “Four years ago, I was lucky to be alive…

A Pup? A Toy? or A Toy Pup?

Published: Mon, 04/25/22

Pet Tips 'n' Tales caption A Pup? A Toy? or A Toy Pup? Kylie was Elizabeth and Neill's wedding gift to each other. Here she is proudly showing off her…

Yogi's Comfort Cat

Published: Mon, 04/18/22

Pet Tips 'n' Tales Artist Grandma Gloria with her young model, Yogi. Yogi's Comfort Cat Meg and her husband, Tony, adopted a fur baby, Yogi the French…

Conan O'Brian

Published: Mon, 04/11/22

Pet Tips 'n' Tales Conan was the star who rose and shined in his parents’ home. Conan O'Brian Conan was four months old when he picked his new mother,…

Mayor Dog!

Published: Sat, 04/02/22

Pet Tips 'n' Tales Meet Mayor Murdoch! Mayor Dog! Now a brief word from Littleton, Colorado’s Mayor Murdoch. “Bark! Bark! Bark!” The interview was cut…

HOPE for Kittens!

Published: Sat, 03/26/22

Pet Tips 'n' Tales Courtesy Photo by Greenhill Humane Society and their available kittens. Animal Shelters offer hope for homeless kittens. HOPE for…

Nanook of the North

Published: Sat, 03/19/22

Pet Tips 'n' Tales In Inuit, Nanook means ‘Great White Polar Bear’. Art work depicts, Nanook who when protecting his home resembled a furry alligator.

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