Pet Tips 'n' Tales newspaper articles celebrates pets with their tales and tips on how to take care of them.

Pati-O Patty - Part II

Published: Mon, 03/06/23

Pet Tips 'n' Tales When Pati-O Patty scratched on the glass door, it was the dinner bell for her eager-hungry kittens and Angel Scribe their food…

Pati-O Patty - Part I

Published: Mon, 02/27/23

Pet Tips 'n' Tales Homeless Patty and her five kittens found shelter in our yard! Taking photos of kittens is like, well, herding cats, and one is…

The Bully and The Bodyguard

Published: Mon, 02/20/23

Pet Tips 'n' Tales Sometimes a sense of humor is all the protection you need in a dangerous situation, but Dr. Geoff having a Rottweiler like Roth was…

The Purr-posal

Published: Sun, 02/12/23

Pet Tips 'n' Tales After Jason purr-chased an engagement ring, his ne t stop was the pet store! He planned to purr-pose to Ashlee with the help of her…

All Hail Queen Whyspurr!

Published: Mon, 01/23/23

Pet Tips 'n' Tales “I thought it was MY new pillow, but apparently not!” said Mary Ellen “Angel Scribe” All Hail The Queen! When the Angelscribes paw-…

Famous Swimming Cats - End of an Era

Published: Sat, 01/21/23

Pet Tips 'n' Tales Beloved swimming feline, Whyspurr, passes. Her life is displayed in photos at the end of her uplifting obit. End of an Era Sweet…

No Bull! 4,000 pounds of Love

Published: Mon, 01/16/23

Pet Tips 'n' Tales Nancy hand feeding her beloved 18-year-old, 4,000-pound, 6'11" pet Brahma bull! No Bull! 4,000 pounds of Love *Kleene Warning Have…

Hiss-story of Pet Tips 'n' Tales

Published: Tue, 12/27/22

Pet Tips 'n' Tales Flash back photo of Mary Ellen 'Angel Scribe' and the Mews of Tips 'n' Tales, Miss Wings. Hiss-story of Pet Tips 'n' Tales as it…

‘Holden’ On To A Christmas Miracle!

Published: Mon, 12/19/22

Pet Tips 'n' Tales Heritage photo of Mary Ellen and Myster E. wishing you a healthy holiday and a New Year filled with JOY. ‘Holden’ On To A Christmas…

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