Pet Tips 'n' Tales newspaper articles celebrates pets with their tales and tips on how to take care of them.

Dr. Ellis I Purr-Zoom? Hold the Novacaine!

Published: Sun, 11/13/22

Pet Tips 'n' Tales Ellis adoption was out of the ordinary! Dr. Ellis I Purr-Zoom? Hold the Novocaine! Chris's routine dental appointment suddenly…

The Princess and the Frog!

Published: Sun, 11/06/22

Pet Tips 'n' Tales Princess Arya 'Angelscribe', adorned in her Disney Princess nightie with her latest garden acoustician new ‘friend’, a tree frog,…

Black Cats = Good Luck!

Published: Sun, 10/30/22

Pet Tips 'n' Tales Arya ‘Angelscribe’ loves Mambo and is aware that black cats are not as adoptable based on their color because of pet prejudiced…

BOO Kitty!

Published: Sat, 10/29/22

Pet Tips 'n' Tales Atira and Missy Mystic’s favorite time is Halloween so they can play dress up. BOO! International mystic Atira was born with the…

Rescued Hearts!

Published: Thu, 10/27/22

Pet Tips 'n' Tales Lynn took Daisy Mae to a Halloween Do ie Dog Meet n Greet. Daisy won first prize in her Hallo-weenie Costume. Rescued Hearts! Daisy…

Lucky Beach Bum!

Published: Tue, 10/04/22

Pet Tips 'n' Tales Eli, a rescued chocolate Labrador, is as sweet as they come! Lucky Beach Bum! Andeena’s four-year-old dreamboat, Eli, possesses…

A “Whittle” Dog

Published: Tue, 09/27/22

Pet Tips 'n' Tales Andeena’s new pup, Whitley, is powerful healing medicine and e hausted from a fun day of paddle boarding. A 'Whittle' Dog! “They…

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