Pet Tips 'n' Tales newspaper articles celebrates pets with their tales and tips on how to take care of them.

One Calm Cat and Two Maniacs.

Published: Sat, 03/12/22

Pet Tips 'n' Tales Don’t let this serene photo of Avi and Manny fool you! One Calm Cat and Two Maniacs! Diana was in the military when she adopted…

How Is this Even Paws-ible?

Published: Sat, 03/05/22

Pet Tips 'n' Tales Carol and Captain Jack Sparrow share their miracle stories! How is this Even Paws-ible?! "After work, as I drove home the…

Kyiv Kitty! This is a friend sharer article!

Published: Mon, 02/28/22

Pet Tips 'n' Tales Andi and Louie send their love and prayers to Louie’s look-a-like, a Ukrainian Silver Chinchilla Persian. Kyiv Kitty! “If you want…

Wild and Crazy Austin!

Published: Sat, 02/26/22

Pet Tips 'n' Tales Austin is a cheeky-monkey who enjoys sitting on the top of open doors! Wild and Crazy Austin Austin is a four-year-old, wild and…

Smitten with a 'Lovey' Kitten!

Published: Sat, 02/19/22

Pet Tips 'n' Tales Little orphaned Lovey survived! Smitten with a 'Lovey' Kitten! When a feral cat delivers kittens in the outside elements it often…

Join the HEROS = Patient Pet Advocates

Published: Sat, 02/12/22

Pet Tips 'n' Tales Cooper’s foster family gave him the royal treatment while his mother was recovering from COVID. Join the HEROS = Patient Pet…

Pet Cold Weather Safety Tips

Published: Thu, 12/30/21

Pet Tips 'n' Tales Miss ‘Angel Scribe’ Wings enjoying a Cottage Grove snow day. (archived photo) Pet Cold Weather Safety Tips! Megan Brezovar,…

"Holden" onto a Christmas Miracle!

Published: Fri, 12/17/21

Pet Tips 'n' Tales Mary Ellen and Myster E. wish you a wonderful holiday and a New Year filled with JOY and health. (Join us for more pet miracles or…

Manifesting a ‘Lexis’

Published: Mon, 12/13/21

Pet Tips 'n' Tales Trudy and Le i, but who rescued who? (Read more pet miracles on Facebook: Pet Tips and Tales) Manifesting a 'Le is' When…

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