Tree of Life Sanctuary

Tree of Life Sanctuary

Gloria Riley has passed.

Published: Thu, 08/26/21

Slow but Steady We've Lost a Loved Member of our Community Hi, . I am sad to share the news that beloved ToLS community member, Gloria Riley, has…

learn Tarot & Qabalah at the same time!

Published: Thu, 07/29/21

Slow but Steady Tarot & the Tree of Life Hi, . I'm still in San Francisco. Deepest thanks to you for your e pression of condolence on the passing of…

a personal update about me.

Published: Thu, 07/15/21

Slow but Steady Personal Update Hi, . Thank you for reading my email. ~ Quick Summary ~ Personal update from me. July Pandemic Support Virtual…

is ToLS closing ❔~ Nope ❕

Published: Thu, 06/03/21

Slow but Steady Does our New Online School Mean that ToLS Physical Suite is Closing ? Hi, . After last month's announcement of the opening of our…

News ~ Love ~& Support! πŸ’šπŸ’š

Published: Mon, 05/17/21

Slow but Steady How Do You Nurture Your 2021 Life Vision? Hi, . A month has passed since I last emailed you. So much has been happening here at the…

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