Getting Started in 2014 with!!

Published: Tue, 02/18/14

Getting Started and Staying Focused In 2014
Hello and welcome to 2014, !

Do you ever set out with the best of intentions only to find yourself no where near your goal when you check in to see how you're doing? 

That's been my experience with the beginning of this year. The first three weeks, I was on a roll, knocking things off the old to-do list, classes were getting scheduled, new locations were being scouted…and then I hit a wall. 

Somehow, that really nasty flu bug managed to find me and everything came to a complete standstill. It took me three weeks to shake loose from that ickiness and another week to figure out where I'd left things and what still needed to be done. 

Beside losing my forward motion, my focus seems to be suffering. I feel like my attention span is similar to one of my cats when I call them. At first they're all excited to see me, but before they can reach me, they get distracted by a shiny piece of paper, a toy or one of the other cats. 

On my blog, Painted Thoughts, I discussed what it would take to be my very best, right now. It turned into three separate posts with great suggestions from those artists who stopped by to visit. If you find yourself challenged by not having enough focus, take a look here, here and here

As always, I hope you're making time to capture life in your sketchbooks!


2014 Imaginary Trips Class Schedule
Because of the flu, I managed to get way behind on the 2014 Class Schedule. Rather than wait until I had all of the classes planned out, I decided to go with the first five months. You can download the schedule from here. Many more classes and locations will be added very soon so please keep reading the newsletter. 

I'm going to be doing a few things different this year. I'm offering technique classes in addition to the location classes. In these classes, we'll be going into the classroom and focusing on learning some quick sketching techniques for water, how to use values, and how to add people into our sketches!

Sound like fun?! Here's a taste of what's up first!

The first class up is a return class, "An Imaginary Visit to A Past Vacation!" This class was so much fun and I've had several requests to run it again. The travelers journaled about their trips to exotic locations like Thailand and Italy as well as their honeymoon trip. It was fun to live vicariously through their trips and to relive our own. Class will start on March 4th! Click here for more information!

Next up is "An Imaginary Trip to the Classroom: Sketching Water!" Water surrounds us and it often shows up on our pages—or at least it should, but often, we hesitate to add it. The class will take a look at sketching different types of water. We'll get started on March 13th! For more information, please click here

In April, we'll be returning to the land of the Lord of the Rings—New Zealand! Oh, what a fabulous country this is with such gorgeous scenery and diverse cultures. Come and join me in An Imaginary Trip To New Zealand! and learn about this fabulous country yourself. Get ready to travel on April 1st! All the information is here. 

Be sure to check out the schedule for all the classes!
Independent Learning Classes are Nearly HERE!
I have finally, FINALLY, found a way to host the Independent Learning Classes (ILC)!! Yippee skippee!! I am soooooooo excited this is happening! I think you're gonna love it!!

I contracted with a company on December 31st, 2013 and am in the throes of learning yet another new piece of software and how to tie all the pieces together to make imaginary travel a breeze for you! 

I believe the first classes will be available in March (unless there is some unfortunate incident I know nothing about comes into play). It might be the end of March, but they're coming! 

I know you've waited so patiently for so long for these classes and I can't tell you how much I appreciate your understanding. This has been a much longer road than I ever could have imagined. I'll announce the new ILC classes hear in the newsletter as soon as the classes are up and available. And who knows, there just might be a giveaway or two!!
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