Why you are stuck in limitation (and how to get un-stuck)

Published: Sat, 02/13/16

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Hi !

I want to help you understand why so many
of you feel stuck and like you are struggling...
Many of us are stuck in what I call, the funnel
of limitation. When we live in the bottom of the
funnel of limitation we believe that what we see
is real and we become trapped by an awareness
of lack and struggle.

AND because we are surrounded by many
other people who are also trapped in the
bottom of the funnel, our beliefs and the beliefs
we are surrounded with are also limited...

It is within the bottom of the funnel that we
believe in chance, fate and circumstances
beyond our control. It becomes difficult to
believe in the possibility of freedom. And when
all you can see from your limited vision is
restriction and limitation, you live in a state of
survival and that's when you get stuck.

Now, here is the good news, you can move
to the top of the funnel - which is open and
expansive and filled with higher consciousness.

The key to staying at the top of the funnel is
to permanently change your beliefs. And you
can do this consciously and deliberately.

You can take back your power. You can free
yourself from the limitations of the 'tribal belief
system', and scientifically remove your limitations!

It all begins with awareness. Start by becoming
conscious of who you are listening to. Are you
listening to people who are living at the bottom
of the funnel or at the top? Pay attention and
your consciousness will begin to shift immediately.

In 'Mastering Your Inner Game', in the very first audio,
I reveal the secret to moving up and out of, the funnel
of limitation permanently. Once you know this, there is
nothing you can't create or experience in your life...

Truly Caring for Your Success!

Dr. Robert Anthony