Become A Better Blogger - Take a Break!

Published: Mon, 12/01/14

It’s the end of the holiday weekend, and my guess is many moms and especially mom bloggers and business owners may not have actually taken a true break!

Did you manage to take time out and relax? Perhaps catch up on some sleep?

Likely if you did take a break from blogging, it was to clean your house, prepare a feast, entertain guests, clean up and then start shopping Black Friday deals. 

It can be almost impossible for moms to take time for themselves during “The Holidays”. November and December are crazy times for all moms and when you add blogging and running a business into the mix, it’s almost impossible to survive - much less enjoy - the “happiest” time of the year.

I have a secret trick for relaxing during Thanksgiving and Black Friday madness… be Canadian! LOL

Yes, since I’m Canadian, we actually have our Thanksgiving meal in October and then during the American Thanksgiving, I take the day off to SLEEP and relax.

But unless you’re Canadian, you likely didn’t catch up on sleep this weekend.

So somehow you need to sneak in time over the next few weeks to refresh and rejuvenate your mind, body and business.

Get A Head Start

As we come into December and finish off the year, we need to get ready to review and reset our personal and business goals in January.

I’ll admit, setting goals is a weak spot for me. I’ve always struggled with the process of physically writing down my goals, but it is a key success factor.

What I’m doing this year, is getting a head start on my January restart and kicking in my “resolutions” early. 

I’m falling short of meeting some of the goals I set last January, so in December, I’m going to “up my game” so that I’m at a better place when January comes.

I actually just published a post about how I’m getting a head start on one very important “New Years’ Resolution”.

Take 5 Minutes

It’s right there in our name - “5 Minutes for Mom” - and we’ve blogged several times about ways to take 5 minutes or more for yourself. But it’s hard to actually do it and we need constant reminders and encouragement to invest in ourselves. 

Here are a few key posts to help you manage your schedule to make more time for yourself…
While we need to take breaks for our personal health and relationships, it’s also critical to our business success.

When you take a break from working “in” your business, you clear your mind to be able to work “on” the bigger picture aspects of your business.
So if you didn’t get time for a break over this holiday weekend, try to take a few minutes today to relax and refresh your mind. And then try and schedule in a longer break sometime in the next week.

You deserve and need it.

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