Become A Better Blogger - Do You Listen To Podcasts?

Published: Mon, 03/16/15

Do you ever listen to podcasts? If yes, fantastic! I'd love to hear which ones. If not, you're going to want to start.

Podcasting is like radio on demand. 

It has been around for so long, you might think of it as an "older" technology and not as hip and useful as newer platforms.

But the interesting thing is that podcasting is actually picking up momentum.

It used to be quite a technical effort to create or even to listen to a podcast. But now, with iTunes, Stitcher Radio and smart phones, it's only a couple of clicks to be instantly listening to your favorite bloggers, authors, news shows, comedians etc.

If your car has a bluetooth or an auxiliary connection, you can play podcasts from your phone in the same way you'd play music. Also car companies are starting to add iPhone and Android compatibility to their dashboards to make it even easier to stream content.

For many people, podcasts are replacing the radio in their cars and homes.

Since I've discovered podcasts, I love that I can make better use of my time by listening while driving, doing dishes and even working out at the gym. 

There's such a variety of podcasts available, you might not know where to start.

For me as a blogger and business owner, I mostly listen to podcasts that teach and inspire me.

Here are a few of my favorites:
As you can see, many of the podcasts I listen to are about social media and marketing.

I'd love to hear what you listen to. If you have any suggestions for podcasts I should check out, please send me a quick reply and let me know.