Become A Better Blogger - The Truth About Blog Conferences

Published: Mon, 04/27/15

I'm flying out to Arizona on Tuesday for the Mom 2.0 Summit and Janice just spoke today at a local conference called Blog Mastery

I have attended many different conferences and Janice has attended and spoken at more than I would want to count. (I honestly haven't kept track.)

We LOVE conferences!

But, over the last couple of years, something changed...

We chose to go to fewer conferences.

As much as we love conferences and they fuel our energy, relationships and inspiration, they do cost a lot - both in money and time.

Since Janice and I are both now single moms (I was separated/divorced a few years ago and Janice was a couple of years ago), it is harder for us to invest the money and time traveling. 

So we cut waaaay back on the number of conferences we attend or speak at. 

The truth is... blog conferences are fabulous places to learn, be inspired and connect with other bloggers and brands... But only if it makes financial sense for you. 

Janice and I would never have reached the level of success we have if we had not attended and spoken at conferences. They were an enormously important part of how we built our brand and our network of bloggers and companies we work with. 

But for us, at this season of our lives... as single moms with budgets... we've had to cut back and not spend as much money traveling. 

So while I'm ecstatic to be heading off for a few days of amazing learning, networking and inspiration at the Mom 2.0 Summit, it may be the only conference I attend this year. (Except local events... I'm trying to spend more time connecting locally.)

Many bloggers ask me if they should attend a conference and if so, which one...

My answer is:
  1. Yes, if you CAN go to a blogging conference, GO! (But don't put your family at a financial disadvantage by doing so.)

  2. Consider choosing a conference located closer to you so you can minimize travel costs. (Since Janice and I live in Vancouver, Canada, travel costs are extra high for us.)

  3. Pick a conference that matches your goals and tribe. (For example, Type A Parent has a more relaxed, down-to-earth vibe than the highly-styled Mom 2.0 Summit with elaborate parties, decor and talk of what dresses to wear. Blissdom is a great option if you're in Canada. I also tend to recommend smaller conferences now that BlogHer has gotten so huge.)

  4. One or two conferences per year may be enough. (Janice was on the extreme side of attending and speaking at a huge number of conferences. So now that we've cut down to one per year, it feels like we aren't going to many, but it is enough.)

We've shared many times about blog conferences, so you can read more at...

I'd love to know which conference you have found MOST valuable, so please shoot me a quick reply. And, if you're going to Mom 2.0 Summit, I'll see you soon.