Become A Better Blogger - 3 More Power Tips for using Buffer

Published: Mon, 04/13/15

In my last email, I told you which social media tool I depend on daily... Buffer. I also shared with you an overview of how to use it and my 3 favorite power tips. But I promised you more... so I'm back with 3 more advanced ways to use Buffer.

(If you're paying attention, you'll realize I didn't email you last week. It was the Easter weekend and I took some extra time off with my kids. It's tough for me to actually do that... I even wrote a post about it.)

3 More Power Tips for Buffer

1. Highlight Text in a Post

A clever trick to quickly tweet an interesting quote from a post is simply highlight the text and click the buffer toolbar button.

(Yes, you have to be using the Buffer toolbar button… but you know that already. It’s a must!)

2. Shuffle Your Buffer

When I’m filling up tweets in my buffer, I tend to first go to my own blog and add a few of my posts to the queue. Then I go and add some RT’s and posts from other blogs.

But the key is I do NOT want all the tweets of my own content to go out in a row. The solution? I shuffle my buffer.

Here’s an example workflow…
  • Add 2 more of your own old posts to Buffer
  • Add about 5 RT’s to your Buffer
  • Add 5 posts from other blogs to Buffer
  • Add a conversation starter or quote to Buffer
  • Shuffle your Buffer

The ability to shuffle the order of tweets in the queue allows you to go through the steps of adding your own content, then a series of RTs, then a series of other tweets but not have them all go out in those chunks of similar types of content in a row.

Sometimes after I’ve shuffled my buffer, I may want to tweak a few times. I might move one tweet to the top of the queue and set a few custom times.

3. Power Scheduler

When you publish a new post, the Power Scheduling Tool is an awesome help.

Immediately after I hit publish, I right click my best image in the post, select “Buffer This Image” and then click on the Power Scheduler tab.

I schedule updates at various times for Google+ and our three Twitter accounts. I vary the wording and hashtags and set up a few custom times for the post to be shared over the next week. 

It’s also a great idea to schedule tweets to go out again in a couple of weeks. 

These are three ways I use Buffer every day. 

I hope these tips help you make your time on Twitter more effective.