Become A Better Blogger - Want to know a Trick to make your Tweets Stand Out?

Published: Tue, 06/02/15

A lot of people complain about Twitter. And I get it. The amount of traffic Twitter sends to us compared to what Pinterest sends is peanuts. 

But I still love it.

And if you think Twitter isn’t visual enough and doesn’t show off your beautiful photos as well as Pinterest, I’ll show you a couple tricks…

(Now you might say these “tricks” aren’t all that “tricky”, but as I scroll through my Twitter feed, I don’t see many people doing this.)

The main trick is…

Line breaks.

Yes. A tweet may be limited to 140 characters…

But those characters don’t have to be on…

Combine line breaks with a good image and a targeted hashtag, and you’ve got yourself a tweet to get attention.

Here are a few examples...

In The Mobile Feed

Here's what two of those same tweets look like on a mobile phone...

How To Create These Tweets

I create these tweets easily by using “Buffer This Image” and simply typing in the tweet and hitting return to make paragraph breaks just like I would in a blog post.

If you missed my earlier emails about how I use Buffer App for Twitter, you can find them at...
As I explained in those emails, I use the Buffer App Chrome Extension and the "Buffer This Image" menu option.
Of course… don’t abuse this technique. You do NOT want to look obnoxious and take up too much space in your followers' Twitter streams or they may unfollow you.

The idea is to make your tweet look natural and appealing the same way you would format it in a blog post or in a Facebook status update.

By the way, if we're not yet following you on Twitter, just reply to this email and tell me your Twitter handle, and we'll be sure to follow you.

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