Become A Better Blogger - What you MUST do after a conference...

Published: Mon, 05/04/15

Coming home from a conference is HARD.

And I confess that I don't always do everything that I should do when I return home from an event.

But these are the three things that I think are the MOST important upon reentry to regular life...

  1. Sleep. You likely did not get enough sleep while you were away, so give yourself a few extra hours to sleep in the morning after you return. You need to physically recharge so that you can take action on all your new ideas.

  2. Spend time with your kids. Both you and your kids need some time where you're entirely focused on them. I like to take the day after a conference to spend offline with my girls.

  3. Follow all the sponsors on Twitter along with the people whose cards you received and stay active on the Hashtag. (After you've slept in and spent the day offline with your kids.) 

You will be behind on all your regular work and have a long list of new actions to take, so try to cut a few corners where you can to save time. 

For instance, if you have a regular email to send out to your awesome blogging friends, maybe ask them to forgive you for cutting it short. ;)

Whether or not you're recovering from a recent trip, have a fabulous and productive week!